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Bedok Point Sushi Tei

Some photos I took of the Bedok Point Sushi Tei. I have heard that the Sushi Tei standards vary from branch to branch. I’m glad to report that the Sushi Tei at Bedok Point Mall is quite good! I hope they didn’t just assign their best chefs for the opening.

It’s great that there is a Sushi Tei so close to where I live now. I’ve always thought that Sushi Tei offers up very affordable yet tasty and fresh sushi and sashimi. How do they keep their costs down? Used to dine at Sushi Tei really often when I worked in the City Hall area. Some say, the City Hall Sushi Tei branch has the best chefs.

Bedok Point Sushi Tei

Full house at 7pm on a weekday

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Prawn sushi roll

Prawn roll – One of the more sinful dishes at Sushi Tei since the prawn is deep fried, and all that fish eggs.

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Salmon Belly Miso Soup

Salmon Belly Miso Soup $10 – I like to take the salmon out so it is still half raw. Once again, with some steamed rice, this becomes a substantial meal.

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Crabstick and Avocado Salad

The salads at Sushi Tei are quite nice in their own right. Although the vegetables are mostly cheap looking lettuce, I like the fact that you can eat this with some steamed rice, and it becomes a filling and satisfying meal.

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Chawan Mushi

Chawan Mushi – If there’s one thing I must have at any Japanese restaurant, that’s Chawan Mushi, also known as egg custard.

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Edamame Beans

Edamame beans are good for health but are quite pricy! This bowl of beans cost $4!

Bedok Point Sushi Tei Green Tea Ice CreamBedok Point Sushi Tei Green Tea Ice Cream (2)

This green tea ice cream was so good, I just had to order another helping! I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t fancy green tea ice cream, but I am now a strong convert! It’s an additional dollar or 2 for the adzuki beans.

Bedok Point Paradise Inn

I thought the sign looked quite nice so I took a picture of it!

Bedok Point Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet Ria. There are quite a number of speciality chicken restaurants here. There’s a chicken hot pot restaurant and a chicken rice restaurant both on the 2nd level.

Will post pictures of Kung Fu Paradise soon. Kung Fu Paradise is part of the Paradise group, and is targeted towards the young! Am I too old to dine there?? The staff were all practically just out of their teens and I did not spot a single person there over 30 years of age.

Click here for my previous post on Bedok Point as well as the entire list of shops and restaurants directory.

Click here for directions to Bedok Point Mall

Sushi Tei Tampines

I’ve had Sushi Tei countless and countless of times in the last few years. Most of the time, it would be at City Hall because that’s the most convenient location for me. I think Sushi Tei really gives good Japanese food for your money. Even though I have never been to Japan so I can’t say for sure what Japanese authentic food tastes like, I can say for sure that compared to other exorbitantly priced Japanese restaurants, Sushi Tei really gives them a run for the money. When I eat at the expensive Japanese restaurants, I can’t really tell the difference in quality and freshness. To be sure, the expensive Japanese restaurants probably are better, but only slightly so, so do you really want to pay 3 times more elsewhere?

The thing about expensive Japanese restaurants is that I obviously expect more. Naturally so wouldn’t you agree. Yet the dishes appear to be almost the same, and worse still, the portions seem smaller. So, rather than disappoint myself, I almost always gravitate to Sushi Tei for my sushi needs.

Anyway, although I always eat at the Sushi Tei City Hall outlet, my colleagues frequent other outlets. It seems that the quality differs from outlet to outlet. Apparently, the Sushi Tei City Hall outlet seems to have the best quality sushi, and slightly bigger portions too. I had previously wondered if this could be true. I mean, Sushi Tei must obviously have some form of quality control going on. It wouldn’t want to have differing standards for its restaurants. That would not be good for the image.

Today, I finally had the chance to visit another Sushi Tei outlet. I had dinner at Sushi Tei Tampines One. I ordered a Salmon Avocado handroll as well as a spicy clam pasta soup. The partner ordered the crispy seafood on rice. I’ve ordered the same exact Salmon Avocado handroll many times at Cityhall, and I must say the handroll at Tampines one looks a tad smaller. Taste-wise, it was the same thankfully.

The soup of the spicy clam pasta soup was tasty. However, for some reason, the pasta did not absorb the flavour of the soup. The texture of the pasta was nice and al dente, but it was also rather bland. Perhaps Sushi Tei deciding to use a spaghetti type pasta was the wrong way to go. The pasta is the vehicle for the sauce. In this case, the “sauce” is liquid soup. So perhaps they ought to have used clam-shell pasta, which would have carried the soup better. Or perhaps that is why the italian sauces are usually thick?

On the whole, I think I have to remember not to have ramen or pasta dishes at Sushi Tei. When I eat Ramen, I want the broth to be extremely rich and flavourful. I know some people prefer milder versions, but not me. Give me the full 24 hour simmering of pork bones thing extra strong if possible.

The crispy seafood on rice that the Partner ordered was not that great either. There was too much batter covering the seafood such that the batter seemed like 2/3 of the dish and the seafood only 1/3. It was bad enough that the Partner proclaimed never to order this dish again. Once again, he had eaten this dish before at Cityhall, and it hadn’t been that bad.

On the whole, I think that the Tampines branch is still good, just that if you want the best experience, try City Hall instead. But don’t come during lunch time coz I’ll be there and I don’t want YOU hogging the tables! Hehehe!

Japanese Clam Pasta Soup

Bluefin Tuna at Sushi Tei

Went to Sushi Tei at Raffles City today. Their latest seasonal menu is out. I see they have some collagen dishes on offer again. They must have had a good run the last time. I haven’t personally tried eating collagen in this manner (you can boil bones for many hours to make your own cheap collagen soup) and I wonder if anybody can tell me how it tastes.

I also discovered Bluefin tuna on the menu. For $16, you get several slices of bluefin tuna sashimi in addition to some other sashimi on rice. I was quite surprised to see this on the menu, and for such a price, because Bluefin Tuna is extremely endangered! And as everyone knows, Sushi Tei is extremely popular because it is so affordable and good. And if Bluefin tuna is being sold at Sushi Tei, does this mean that lots and lots of Bluefin tuna will be consumed? I know it is already being consumed in huge quantities in Japan, which is why it is so endangered to begin with, but still, when it hits home and on such a mass market level….. I shall have to consult my endangered species guru on this.

A colleague tried the bluefin tuna rice dish and said it was absolutely delicious. I probably shouldn’t even be saying this, because now those who read this might be tempted to try. But then again, all fish stocks are fast depleting, and humans really ought to eat less fish!

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