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McDonald’s Fries

McDonald's Fries

Forget chocolate cake and ice-cream. McDonald’s French fries is the real comfort food for me. Apparently, they are now trans fats free. If your fries are not piping hot like how you want them to be, McDonalds will get you a new serving, no questions asked.

Watch this space, going to do a full write-up of the McDonald’s Open Doors Kitchen tour I attended on Saturday.


It was a total spur of the moment that we ended up at VeganBurg. Had previously heard about it from Tiny Island, and just as we were driving past it, my father said he’d heard about it too. That was good enough reason to stop by and try it out, never mind it was only 5pm and not really dinner time yet!

VeganBurg looks quite nice and inviting. I like the bright and woody feel to the place. 3/4 of the seats were taken up, not bad for 5pm and a place slightly off the beaten track. It’s only 5 minutes from Eunos MRT station and just off the turn-off from the PIE, but not along the main pedestrian routes.

VeganBurg specialises in vegan fast food burgers. There are only 5 burgers to choose from, but it seems they also have a 6th Christmas themed one. In addition, they offer sides like seaweed fries, vegandog (like a hotdog), potato spinach pops etc. The potato spinach pops sounds interesting, wish I’d ordered that! Coffee is quite affordable too. A cafe latte costs $3.80. We didn’t try the coffee since we were trying to keep with the healthy theme here. Click the photo below to see the menu.

Vegan Burger Drinks

The burger meal comes with drinks and fries. We chose the Apple Blackcurrant and Beetroot Carrot. Tastes quite nice but unfortunately, the drinks come out of a bottle and aren’t freshly made.

VeganBurg - Hawaiian Pineapple

My father tried the Hawaiian Pineapple Burger – Organic Ciabatta bun with a pan-grilled pineapple slice and a soya patty glazed with sweet plum sauce. He didn’t enjoy the burger and said it was  too plain.

VeganBurg - Tangy Tartar (2)

I had the Tangy Tartar Burger – Organic Wholemeal Bread, soft and flaky Vegan patty that is bread crumbed and battered and deep fried, tangy tartar sauce with alfalfa. I thought it was quite good actually! The bread was soft and light, while the patty had a very nice texture. I can’t really describe the flavour, to say it tastes like soya beans would be wrong. I’ll just say that if you didn’t tell me this was a vegan patty, I may not have known. I do wish they had reduced on the Tartar Sauce, I had to use a fry to scoop the excess out.

VeganBurg - Tangy Tartar

The chilli dips have onion powder in them. Tasty! Try dipping the fries in the pepper mix too, tastes great. I often dip my fries in pepper at McDonalds, does anyone out there do the same?


VeganBurg - Menu
Vegan Burg’s Menu


VeganBurg Seating Area

Each table has a magazine slot with magazines in them. A nice touch.

VeganBurg Santa

Great to know that Santa doesn’t eat meat. How did he get so fat then?


Veganburg is situated next to a pet store. There will be kitties strolling past outside but they are cute and harmless. The flatface kitty next door also likes a good rub. He was enjoying it very much!

44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
Tel: 6844 6868    Fax: 6844 1021
Opens Daily from 11am to 10pm


Directions : –

KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Australia

I’ve tried KFC in a number of countries and I’ve always felt that the Singapore KFC restaurants serves the best tasting chicken. For one, I really love the Crispy KFC version, which apparently isn’t available worldwide. New Zealand only brings it out once in a while for promotion purposes. So I was quite surprised to find that Australia also offers Crispy chicken! The taste is also pretty comparable to Singapore’s KFC.

Interestingly, contrary to what we like to believe about KFC, it appears that they use hormone and steroid free fresh chicken! If you read the disclaimer on the KFC box, it sure sounds like KFC Australia uses quality unadulterated chicken. I don’t recall seeing these statements on the KFC Singapore packaging. Does this mean that the KFC chicken you get in Singapore is NOT hormone and steroid free? I think if KFC feels the pressure to provide hormone and steroid free chicken in Australia, we as consumers should start pressurising KFC Singapore to do the same.

Whatever the case, there’s no mention of the chickens being free-range, meaning these chickens are probably crammed into small cages their entire lives. If they’re luckier, they’re crammed into a large barn, which isn’t that much better either if you’ve watched Hugh’ Chicken Run.

But let’s face it, going free-range, hormone free and steroid free surely means increasing prices. The only reason why prices are even this low is because these tactics keep costs low! And this is not just an issue about KFC, in fact most hawker centres and restaurants in Singapore probably use the same type of chicken! But right is right and wrong is wrong. I would be most willing to pay a little more to ensure the health of the chickens as well as mine.

What about you?

KFC Australia (2)

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