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Marks & Spencer British Goodies

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for all things British! I love the country, I love London, I love the quaint countryside, I love the British cooks  (Nigella, Jamie, Hugh Fearnley). Three times I’ve been to the UK for holidays, and I still yearn to go back again. I have also been to New Zealand 3 times, and next week will be the 4th trip. But I always tell the kiwi Partner that the grass in England is greener. Serious!

Did you manage to catch the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on TV? My parents were glued to the TV even until past midnight! Such is the fascination for the British Royal family, who aren’t related to us in any way! The Partner likes to tell me that he has royal blood, but what’s the use of that if he can’t show me my room in the castle?

Anyway, one place in Singapore you can indulge in a bit of British is at Marks & Spencer. I love it when it’s Easter and Christmas. All their goodies are packaged so nicely and always so festive looking. This time round, thanks to the Queen’s Jubilee and the upcoming London Olympics, Marks & Spencer has also churned out quite a few new British treats.

Marks & Spencer - Family Biscuits for Tea (2)

These Family biscuits for tea were going at $37. My GUY friend was lusting over these tins for the last 1 week and he finally succumbed to buying one today. It certainly is a pretty tin but is it worth $37?

Marks & Spencer - Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops

Something cheaper if you still want to buy something. Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops. Great fun for wearing too. Like so.

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Marks & Spencers Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds

As much as the Partner thinks I love chocolate, and I do buy truckloads of chocolate back home to Singapore when I am overseas, chocolate doesn’t always hit the spot for me. I think I’m a carbo kind of person. When the cravings strike, it’s maggi mee and potato chips that I think of. Sometimes, I do feel like I need to eat a piece of chocolate, but I still feel as if I need/want something more.

Lately, I discovered a way to solve this problem. I was at Marks & Spencers and I saw they had this Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Rounds. It’s shortbread cookies covered in extremely thick and chocolatey milk chocolate. And when I say extremely thick, I do mean that. Don’t think I’ve come across any other brand in the supermarket that sells something like this. They even have a dark chocolate version. I had one earlier today and it tastes damn good. My mood was lifted instantly.

But I think the most ultimate snack for me would be the chocolate covered potato chips. I’ve only ever tried those at Royce once. They were damn good too, but not cheap. Now I regret even bringing up this topic because now I will most likely go buy some tomorrow at Raffles City.

I think I once read somewhere that men crave for salty snacks whereas women crave for sweet snacks. What sort of snacks do you crave?

By the way, try to avoid chocolate that doesn’t melt in your hand. Chocolate naturally melts at body temperature. If it doesn’t, it means that additives have been added to prevent it from doing so. Notice the chocolates you buy from Europe melt into a gooey mess if you leave it out in the open? Chocolates originating from tropical asia tend to have these additives so I avoid those chocolates whenever possible.

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