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Premium Japan Farmers Market opens at Changi Airport – Great place to buy souvenirs before you leave Singapore

Singapore’s first Premium Japanese Farmers’ Market has opened at Changi Airport. Located at the Departure Hall of Terminal 3 (Public Area near to Sky Train / MRT), the shop boasts a range of quality vegetables, fruits, meat products and sake all exclusively brought in from Japan. Think quality beef cuts such as Wagyu, Saga Gyu, Tochigi Wagyu, or grapes such as the Shine Muscat or Kyoho grapes.

Premium Japan Farmers Market (2)

Grand opening!

Premium Japan Farmers Market (6)

There is also a ready-to-eat bento section presented by GO-ZEN, which allows customers to customise their own bento boxes from 25 different dishes. You can order 12,000 different combinations before you end up repeating the same thing again!

Premium Japan Farmers Market (10)
Ikura on sushi rice. If you need party ideas, this is a really simple idea but a sure crowd pleaser!

You might think it strange that a Japanese grocery store might want to locate itself at Changi Airport, which is not very accessible to those not living in the East. But did you know that there is a FairPrice Finest at Changi Airport and that it is usually quite crowded? So there are already Singaporeans going to Changi Airport to do their marketing. Secondly, this would be a convenient base for tourists who are looking for last minute souvenirs to bring back to their home country! Choice Japanese products would make great souvenirs don’t you think? Anyway, I live in the East and I say YAY to more options for us! Smile

Scroll down further for more photos of what you can get at Premium Japan Farmers Market.

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Contest : Free ride on Slide@T3!

To mark the beginning of 2013, I have a pair of free tickets for rides on the Slide@T3 to give away!

For those of you not in the know, our Changi Airport Terminal Three boasts the world’s tallest slide in an airport. Standing at a height of 12 metres high or four storeys tall, shriek your way down the slide while reaching top speeds of up to 6 metres per second!

For every $10 spent at Changi Airport in a single receipt, members of the public can redeem one ride at the 12 metre slide* located at Terminal 3, Arrival Hall (Level 1), Public Area. However, you don’t have to spend any money if you’re the lucky winner of this contest!

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to my Facebook and LIKE IT.
  2. Like my Free ride on Slide @ T3 post.
  3. Share the post!

Easy peasy! Contest ends 6 January 2013 Sunday 2359!

Slide @ T3 Changi Airport (2)

Slide @ T3 Changi Airport

Changi Airport – Best airport in the world!

No matter what anyone else says, I truly believe that Singapore’s Changi Airport is the best airport in the world! This is probably the only airport in the world where people come here just to eat, shop and stroll around. It is the only airport in the world where people actually enjoy being here longer than it takes to catch a flight. If there were to be another Iceland type volcanic eruption, Changi Airport is the airport you want to be stuck at.

Changi Airport (13)

All decked out for Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit

Changi Airport (2)

Pretty crowded for 10pm. Yes this is considered “crowded”. Compared to the sardine packed buses, trains and shopping malls, is it any wonder why Singaporeans like coming to the airport? It’s a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of town!

Changi Airport (18)

Passengers lining up to be the 1st to check in. It does suck a little if your flight’s at 2am. Several years ago, my intern had a 5am flight. My neighbour and I accompanied him from 12midnight all the way until it was time to go through immigration. That was the only time I ever walked from 1 terminal to the other as the SkyTrains were off operation.  That was before Terminal 3 was opened. We had to walk through the carpark as well as an open air bit through a tiny manicured garden. Now, it may actually be possible to walk from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 via the MRT station. But unless it’s the wee hours of the night, use the SkyTrain.

Changi Airport (15)

Most of the counters were closed. I wonder if these counters are ever used. Terminal 3 is so massive there’s still space for more airlines to hop over to Terminal 3.

Changi Airport (19)

Even the lifts look swanky

Changi Airport (4)

Me perving at the people in the Transit Area. Photo is slightly hazy because it’s taken through glass. Looks like Fauchon is going to open a cafe at the Transit Area. I would love to have a cuppa there. It’s one of my favourite tea brands, if not my most favourite! You can get Fauchon teabag and tea leaves at the basement of Takashimaya, but there’s no cafe to be had.

Changi Airport (3)

See what I mean when I say it’s nice to be stranded in Changi Airport? The seats are comfy, the floors are largely carpeted. Lots of free internet stations, free wifi, free local telephone calls. Coffee and tea at the coffee shops for less than 2 bucks. This seating area has a grand piano. There are numerous other spots around, including one that is football themed.

Changi Airport (5)

There’s the information counter at the bottom right of the photo. Staff are extremely polite and eager to help. Certainly not like what I encountered at a London Tube Station, which I like to tell everyone. I asked the girl at the information counter what the difference was between the $4 ticket and the $7 ticket. She told me the difference was $3?!?!

Changi Airport (6)

Changi Airport Terminal 3 also has a Changi Aviation Gallery in the public area 3rd floor. Nothing spectacular but I guess the kids will love it.

Changi Airport (7) Changi Airport (8)

Changi Airport (10)

I should know. I used to work for a stint at the Airport Catering Centre when I was a student. It was great fun, especially when I found out there was a worm chart. Yes you heard me right. Someone out there tracks the number of worms or creepies that are reportedly discovered in the meals served on board.

Changi Airport (12)

Bet you would not see this in any other airport. Families coming here to enjoy the facilities and have a game of cards.

Changi Airport (11)

To be frank, even I was shocked to see this! This whole family complete with at least 2 kids were camping out here with their sleeping bags! If I were a kid, I would surely find it immensely exciting!!

Xin Wang Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is right next to the Changi Aviation Gallery. Think it’s open 24 hours so there’s no fear that you’d go hungry. One could literally stay in the Airport for several days and not leave.

Xin Wang Cafe (2)

Read my other post on What to do at Changi Airport

For more information on Changi Airport, layout map and directory of shops and eateries, visit the Official Changi Airport Website.

Yakun Kaya Toast

When in Singapore and Malaysia, it is a must to try the national snack – KAYA TOAST. It’s pieces of toasted bread with coconut egg jam. Everyone in Singapore has heard of Yakun. I still recall the 1st time I tried it. I was interning at Citibank and a colleague bought some for breakfast and shared a slice with me. It was the 1st time I had ever eaten bread so crispy, with such a decadent and aromatic spread of kaya in my entire life. In fact, I probably didn’t even realise it was kaya toast because it was nothing like I’d ever tasted. I was literally in bliss for several seconds.

I’ve not turned back since and have had Yakun’s kaya toast countless times. These days, because there are so many branches/franchise shops, standards can be a little inconsistent. I find that in order to guarantee you get a good serving, you have to ask the staff to give you a thick serving of the kaya. If not, in their haste, they sometimes spread the kaya so thinly you can see empty patches on the bread.

Yakun Kaya ToastYakun Kaya Toast (2)Yakun Kaya Toast (3)Yakun Kaya Toast (4)

Mmmmmm, I want some right now!

Yakun Teh C

And of course, you need a cuppa tea or coffee to go with the dry kaya toast. I don’t know what Yakun puts in its tea or milk, but there’s just no mistaking Yakun’s signature Teh /Teh C taste. I know of NO other establishment that has been able to replicate the taste that Yakun offers. And I don’t understand it! If you go to any other coffee shop and order tea, they all pretty much taste the same. Yakun’s tastes different! Can someone tell me what the secret ingredient is?????

YakunYakun (2)

The last 2 photos are of the Yakun outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3 on separate occasions. The 2nd last photo was taken yesterday at about 11pm. It’s amazing how crowded the airport still was at this hour and actually, even when we left around 11.30pm, it was no less crowded. I love it that Yakun and many of the establishments at the airport operate 24hrs, but just what does this say about our country and people? I suppose this is not necessarily a bad thing because we are still spending time with family and friends.


Other Places for Coffee/Tea and Kaya Toast

Killiney Kopitiam

Chin Mee Chin

Y Y Kafei Dian

Old Town White Coffee

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