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District 10 Bar & Restaurant

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District 10

Do you like going to the Robertson Quay area? Aside from the fact that it is somewhat inaccessible by public transport, I love going to Robertson Quay. It has a different vibe to it, and every trip there always makes me feel as if I could be in another street in some other country. There are many restaurants in Robertson Quay but most of them tend to be on the pricier side. There are of course value for money restaurants if you know where to look and District 10 Bar & Restaurant is one such place. I can imagine that just by looking at the decor, you would would expect this to be one of those pricier restaurants, but the great news is that District 10 is surprisingly affordable!

Parking is a breeze here because there is a humongous car park at UE Square, or if you’re lucky you can also snag a parallel parking slot by the side of the road. We were there on a Saturday at 12 noon, which means that the weekend brunch menu as well as lunch menu are both available. I like it that lunch dishes are also available because there’s really only so many eggs benedict you can eat on a weekend these days now that so many cafes have lined the streets of Singapore.

Pandan-Coconut Pancake with Gula Melaka Syrup  $9   (3)

Pandan-Coconut Pancake with Gula Melaka Syrup  $9

We started off with this pancake dish. I must admit the green colour takes some getting used to, and just based on the name, it feels as if you are eating dessert. But make no mistake, this is a breakfast dish. and a pretty good one I might add. The pancakes are thicker than normal, and doesn’t disintegrate so easily when put in the mouth. I actually like that more than the normal thin pancakes. Must try this if you don’t know what to order!

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Toby’s Estate

After our leisurely stroll from Grand Copthorne Waterfront down to the more populated parts of Robertson Quay, our parched throats signalled their discomfort. Being the self proclaimed foodie (I appoint the Partner to be chief payer), I immediately switched on my radar to detect the nearest cafe.

In this case, it was quite an easy task as Robertson Quay has quite a number of cafes to choose from. I didn’t want a large cafe, just a small cafe specialising in drinks, and we found it in Toby’s Estate. It’s not hard to miss as its in the old godowns that flank the river.

Toby's Estate

Toby Estate Singapore originates from Australia, Sydney. Humble beginnings indeed when you hear that Toby Smith started out using his mother’s garage more than a decade ago. According to their website, they are passionate gourmet coffee roasters, tea and chocolate merchants. They focus on high-quality brews made from their signature roasted blends and techniques.

Toby's Estate - Menu

Check out Toby Estate’s menu. Okay I suppose the words are too small so click on the picture below.

Toby's Estate Menu

Or click here if you want to see the beans you can buy.

Toby's Estate - Iced Cafe Mocha (2)

As for me, I was there just for a simple drink. The Iced Cafe Mocha $6.50. A very pleasant and refreshing drink, with enough such that both of us could share. Read more »

Laurent Bernard Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Had a cuppa at Laurent Bernard Cafe and Chocolate Bar at Robertson Quay yesterday. We arrived at 9 and were extremely lucky to get the last available seat there. After that, a long queue formed within 5 minutes! It seems like nowadays people have no problems travelling to not so accessible places, just to see and be seen. Dempsey, Duxton, Rochester, Robertson, no problem! As compared to say 5 years ago, choices are so much more varied now. Yet every possible hangout is still packed to the gills during the peak hours. Where do you like to hang out on the weekend?

I love the decor of Laurent’s Cafe. They have little lighted lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling and they have shelves of pretty jam bottles. Just the thing that girls would like. The menu however was a little on the pricey side. My hot chocolate cost $8 and the latte my parents had was around the same price.

Laurent Bernard Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar (3)

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar

My parents said the coffee was just so-so. Nothing like the likes of Highlander, Dann’s Cafe, Papa Palheta.

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar (2)

I thought the hot chocolate was way toooooo thick. It was 66% dark chocolate too. When I tried adding a little water to it, the whole concoction became sour! Definitely not going to order this ever again. The cookie was quite nice though. It was pretty crumbly and had a nice salty taste.


Laurent Cafe and Chocolate Bar

The Pier at Robertson Quay
80 Mohammad Sultan Road #01-11 Singapore 239013
Telephone: +65 6235 9007  Fax: +65 6300 0691

Operating Hours :
Tuesday to Thursday 1pm-12 midnight
Friday to Saturday 1pm-1am
Sunday 1pm-11pm

If you just want to purchase their chocolates, you can get them at Takashimaya basement.

Robertson Quay

Was in the Robertson Quay area just 3 hours ago after having dinner at Pontini nearby. I love being in Robertson Quay. The place is so versatile! In the day-time, it’s a laid back chill out place. I like coming here to have brunch on the weekends. At night, it comes to life with the various bars, restaurants and cafes. There’s no other place in Singapore quite like it. And the centrepiece of it all? The Singapore River flowing alongside. Just being here and indulging in the nice view makes me feel relaxed already. Today, we could hear the F1 cars going vroom vroom in the distance. It wasn’t loud so I thought it was background noise at first. You can barely spot the Singapore Flyer in the distance, that’s how far those cars were.

One day, I’m going to get an apartment around here.

Robertson Quay (2)

Robertson Quay

Romantic stroll along the banks of the Singapore River?

Robertson Quay (4) Robertson Quay (7)

Some pictures I took of Robertson Quay in the day time 1 year ago. J.K Rowling finished her Harry Potter masterpiece in a cafe in England. If I were a writer living in Singapore, this would be the place I would go to to get inspired.

Robertson Quay (5) Robertson Quay (6)

How to get to Robertson Quay

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