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Immigrants Gastropub

I don’t know about you, but I seldom choose to dine at Tapas restaurants or order Tapas style dishes. For those of you who are uninitiated, tapas style simply means small bites or small dishes. Think of dim sum dishes, but for Western cuisine. It’s not that I don’t like the food that is served, it’s that the bill ends up more exorbitant than if I were to order a full fledge main course itself. Tapas in Singapore are not cheap. A small appetiser dish can cost around $10 or more. Order a few of them and they start adding up.

I didn’t know Immigrants Gastropub served their dishes in Tapas sizes when I stepped in. In fact, I’d actually planned to dine at one of the Tanjong Katong restaurants, but some how I got dropped off at Joo Chiat Road instead so I decided to eat at the eatery that I happened to stop at.

After perusing the menu and doing some mental calculations, I nearly wanted to leave the place, but the Partner seemed quite keen so I pressed on. A lot of the dishes seemed quite interesting but we finally decided on Seafood Fritters and Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice. We expected the seafood fritters to be on the small side, after all the waitress had reminded us that these were tapas sizes. However, because the sambal buah keluak fried rice was $20, as compared to most other dishes which were under $15, we were under the impression that the fried rice would be a full portioned fried rice! Our thoughts were further affirmed when the waitress mentioned that the fried rice was a very popular dish!

Immigrants - Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice $20 (1)

Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice $20

Can you imagine our shock when we realised that this was the size of the sambal buah keluak fried rice? The diameter of the dish was the same as the length of my iPhone. Sad smile Sad smile Sad smile I mean who serves rice in appetiser size?!?! Anyway, thank god the rice was extremely delicious. It was rather spicy, but I guess if the Ang Moh Partner could handle it, the average Singaporean can too. The pungent and earthy flavour of the buah keluak was very evenly distributed throughout the grains and on the whole, I really liked the dish very much. We both agreed that this was a very unique and tasty fried rice (this coming from a guy who doesn’t eat Buah Keluak!) and if it wasn’t so expensive, we would definitely return to order this again.

Immigrants - Seafood Fritters $14 (2)

Seafood Fritters $14

The seafood fritters were also excellent. At $3.50 per piece, they were also of course rather pricey. A combination of crab, prawn and squid, fried such that it and a slight crisp on the outside, but so juicy and flavourful on the inside! I liked it that the ingredients weren’t minced to a pulp, but were diced finely so they still retained a little bite to it. They paired very well with the sambal buah keluak fried rice. If I ever return to Immigrants, I would definitely order this too!

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The Queen & the Mangosteen

I think I might have mentioned before that I have a soft spot for cafes and restaurants with quirky names? Tell me if you don’t think that the Queen & the Mangosteen sounds cool. The Queen & Mangosteen is a modern interpretation of the quintessential British gourmet pub with a whimsical flourish. Rumour has it that the mangosteen was reputedly Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit. Hey whaddya know, the mangosteen is my favourite fruit too!!!

There’s something about a place being known as a “pub”. I think in the Singaporean culture, we think of pubs as sleazy places where good people don’t go to. It’s not the same case in the UK. After watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay on TV, I’ve come to realise that families can go down to the pub for dinner. It just happens to be a place where you can also get alcoholic drinks.

Ah well, despite me saying that I like quirky names, this is only the 2nd time that I’ve been to the Queen & the Mangosteen. The 1st time being just after they opened a few years ago. Do you recall before this, in its place was Corduroy Cafe? I loved going to the Corduroy Cafe, it had such a nice ambience, and you had to walk past a long display of tasty jams and cakes! Wish the Corduroy Cafe was still around!

Anyway, my colleagues and I went down to the Queen & Mangosteen last week to celebrate someone’s birthday. After perusing the menu, most of us got the set-lunch as the prices were almost similar to the ala carte menu but with an additional soup/dessert and drink thrown in.

Queen & the Mangosteen - Coke

Free-flow of coke! Not that I need free flow coke. One glass is more than enough for me per meal.

Queen & the Mangosteen - Green Pea and Scampi Soup

Green pea and scampi soup – This was the soup of the day. Everyone chose this except for me. The soup colour may put you off, but based on the slurps and grunts of approval, everyone enjoyed the soup very much. There were chunks of scampi (prawns) in it too. Darn, I regretted not ordering this!

Queen & the Mangosteen - Fish & Chips

I had the fish and chips with their home made curry sauce. The fish is pretty good. It doesn’t taste oily and goes well with the curry dip. Only grouse is, 3 pieces isn’t really enough to fill you up if you didn’t already have the green pea soup! The fries were also very good. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Queen & the Mangosteen - Pot of Mussels

My colleague didn’t get the set lunch. Instead she ordered this pot of mussels in thai curry sauce with crusty bread. I managed to snag 2 mussels from her and I tell you, the broth was AMAZING! There’s a hint of Asian spice flavours to it so it’s even better than the usual mussels in wine. I could have slurped up the entire pot of broth if I’d ordered this! I bet the restaurant knows how good the broth is that is why bread is also served on the side. The mussels were also very fresh tasting to me, although it seems in the end, my colleague had to discard 5 mussels as they were unopened. I’m definitely coming back soon to try this dish again. Not cheap at $30+.  

Queen & the Mangosteen - Cottage Pie

Cottage pie (beef) – Not sure how this tasted but I don’t think my colleague had any complaints.

Queen & the Mangosteen - Panna Cotta

Ok this was the ickiest thing of the lot, and alas, it was my order! Instead of having a soup from the set lunch, I chose to have the dessert of the day. It happened to be panna cotta which is something that I like. I had in mind something like this from Gunthers, but obviously Gunther’s is in a far different league. I should have known better. Even the presentation itself was a failure. Look at the icky liquid covering the sides of the glass! Well I suppose the only good thing is that if you like the flavour of this panna cotta, there is lots of it to enjoy.


Drink until he looks cute! Don’t you think that is so cheekily creative? I’ve a good mind to gather some of my male friends for a drink now. Ha. And I’ll pay if it works.

Queen & Mangosteen

Queen & Mangosteen Seating Area

Here are some more pictures I took off the Queen & Mangosteen’s website. As you can see, there is indoor seating as well as outdoor if you so choose.

Queen & Mangosteen - Mini burgers and onion rings

I tried those mini burgers the 1st time I went there. Pretty good and definitely pretty cute.

The Queen & Mangosteen

#01-106/107 Vivocity 1 Habourfront Walk, Singapore, Singapore 098585

Mon – Thu:11:00 am-11:00 pm

Fri – Sat:11:00 am-1:00 am

Sun:11:00 am-11:00 pm

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