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Da Paolo Gastronomia at myVillage

*Bloggers’ Invite*

When I stayed at Holland Village, I used to like to go into the Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet at Chip Bee Gardens. I would sneak in, sniff around and quickly snap some shots of the lovely food displays, pizzas and cupcakes. Those were the days before I started food blogging seriously, and I always thought the displays looked so pretty. But I was always afraid that the chef would come at me with a butcher’s knife since I didn’t buy anything.

So I was so glad to be invited down for a sampling session lately at the Da Paolo Gastronomia myVillage outlet. Finally, a chance to snap snap snap to my heart’s content! I really loved the Gorgonzola Pizza with Caramelised Onions that we had there. The sweetness of the onions paired so well with the gorgonzola. When I get the chance, I’m going to order myself an entire portion of it, as well as a latte. A latte costs only $3.50! Even my favourite standalone cafes charge more than that! See the last photo for the price list of the drinks.

Did you know, all the ingredients that Da Paolo uses are sourced from Italy? You can purchase the cooked food and eat it right here on the premises.

Da Paolo - Cooked food Selection Da Paolo - Couscous with Rocket and Sweet Potato

Whenever I see things like these, I always imagine buying the lot and throwing a party. Half the job done for you already and everyone will be none the wiser.

Da Paolo Gastronomia - Gorgonzola pizza with caramelised onions

Mmmmm the best “dessert pizza” I’ve had in a long time. The Partner doesn’t think it tastes sweet enough to be called a “dessert pizza”, but I think it does!

Da Paolo Gastronomia - cupcakes  Da Paolo Gastronomia - Pizza Slices Da Paolo Gastronomia - Spinach Tagliatelle

Spinach Tagliatelle. There’s also herb pasta and a few more if you look at the 1st picture. I love the different variations!

Da Paolo Gastronomia - Hello Kitty Wine

Well who would have thought of all the places to get Hello Kitty memorabilia, it would be here, and wine to boot!  .

Da Paolo Gastronomia - Tiramisu

Da Paolo - Sampling Session!

 Mmmm… tasty

Martina of Da Paolo and Darren of CelebrateLah I love this picture! Martina of Da Paolo is from Italy and she demonstrates how the Italians show their appreciation for delicious food. And there’s Darren of CelebrateLah showing his approval of the food at Da Paolo.

Hey the Cafe Latte is only $3.50 and the Hot Chocolate is only $4! I was kind of expecting something more expensive. Will have to try out the drinks some day. Click on the photo to see the drinks price list.

Ricciotti Pizza Pasta & Deli

A few days ago, we were at Ricciotti to celebrate the impending departure of one of our colleagues. The last time I was at Ricciotti was several years ago, and while the food was good, I thought it was too expensive to go there on a regular basis. This time round, it seems there are lots of promotions going on, which makes it worth my while to try out Ricciotti.

2 of the colleagues decided to go for the $23 set meal. The set meal comprises of a mains, a dessert and drink. There’s very few mains to choose from, basically some chicken pasta or salad. The good part about the set meal is that you get to choose any dessert and drink from the main menu. Desserts themselves are already $8+, and coffee is $5+, so it’s not a bad deal. I didn’t like the pasta so I couldn’t order the set meal. However, there was a 1-for-1 pasta promotion going on, so it was fine in the end.

Ricciotti - Spaghetti

The spaghetti dish from the set lunch – The person who ate this said that it was “OK”.

Ricciotti - Penne

The Penne dish from the set lunch – The person who ate this said that she liked the sauce and the pasta was tasty.


Fettuccine with beef ragu sauce from the main menu  

The person who ate this said that it was nice but too oily. There was still a pool of oil at the bottom of the plate after the pasta was finished.

Ricciotti- Fusilli al Gorgonzola


Fusilli with gorgonzola cheese, chicken, zucchini in cream sauce from the main menu

This was what I had. I love cheese and this gorgonzola cheese dish sounded like the cheesiest dish available. I must say I overestimated my tolerance of this pungent cheese coz it was SO STRONG! The 1st few mouthfuls was wonderful, but towards the end, I could feel myself being defeated by the gorgonzola.

I normally like Fettuccine and Tagliatelle but Ricciotti charges $4 extra to have the pasta changed, so I had no choice but to stick to Fusilli. I know all the pastas are made from the same ingredients, just that the shapes are different. But still, I prefer the long stringy texture of Fettuccine and Tagliatelle. I like swirling long strands of pasta on my fork, I don’t like spooning pasta up. If this sounds funny, then just think of rice. Some people like rice firm to the bite while others like theirs sticky and moist, but yet it is all rice.

 Riccioti - Tiramisu

TIRAMISU – $7.80
Mascarpone cheese cake with ladyfinger biscuits, coffee and cocoa – MMMMmmm, tasty and moist!

Soffiato - Warm Dark Chocolate Cake

  SOFFIATO – $8.90
Warm dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice-cream 

If you don’t know what dessert to order, then order this. Rich, chocolatey and sweet. Even though I was pretty full, I regretted not ordering my own Soffiato and could only steal 2 bites from my colleague!

This time round, no one ordered any of the pizzas. But from what I could see on other diners’ tables, the pizzas look good! Definitely want to try them out next time. Maybe on a Tuesday or Wednesday when they have 50% off on the 2nd pizza ordered. Click on MORE below for a list of Ricciotti’s credit card or daily promotions. Click on Ricciotti’s website link for their menu.


Ricciotti Pizza Pasta & Deli
20 Upper Circular Road
B1-49/50 The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416
Tel: (65) 6533 9060Fax: (65) 6535 5915

There is also another branch at China Square Centre in the Central Business District.



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