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Bangkok Street Food

This will be a series of posts on my recent trip to Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand. The last time I was there for a holiday was way back in 2006. 6 years later, I feel that Bangkok has changed somewhat from what I remember it to be. There are just malls and malls and malls lining the streets, with more shopping malls being built as we speak. Obviously, Bangkok has always been a shopping haven, but it just seems even more overwhelming now. And previously, a number of the malls were average looking, but now, each mall looks so glitzy! I especially love Siam Paragon, which I did not get to visit back in 2006.

But to me, a holiday’s never only about shopping. I love exploring the side streets and scrutinising how the locals live. So while I enjoy the glitz and cleanliness of the new malls (I use the toilets there), it’s the dirty alleyways and the roadside food stalls that truly makes my holiday.

Enjoy the pictures below of the roadside stalls near my hotel. There will be many more posts on Bangkok so do stay tuned. If you’ve come by my blog in search of Singapore food, do use the Search Function located at the top of the right side bar.

Bangkok Roadside Food Stalls (13)

I like these round balls very much. They were cooked right in front of me and piping hot. Looks like a humongous fish ball, but tastes of coconut and tapioca, and still a little gooey in side. Only 25 baht for 6! Scroll down to the end to see how he makes them.

Bangkok Roadside Food Stalls (3)

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