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Victoria Peak at Suntec Convention Centre


Still open at Orchard Central : #11-01/02 Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

Just in case you didn’t already know, the Pearl River Palace that used to operate on the 3rd floor of the Suntec Convention Centre is no longer there. For quite a number of months now, Victoria Peak has been operating in it’s place. In fact, this is Victoria Peak’s 2nd outlet, the 1st being located on the 11th floor of Orchard Central! As for my beloved Pearl River Palace, it has closed for good so you won’t find it anywhere else in Singapore. I did actually enjoy dining at Pearl River Palace. The service and dim sum were exquisite!

So obviously, I had to go check out Victoria Peak to see if it would match up to the standards of Pearl River Palace. Whaddya know, upon stepping into Victoria Peak last Sunday for afternoon dim sum, I discovered that the place looks almost exactly like Pearl River Palace! The decor hasn’t changed! The only difference is that it wasn’t as crowded, the staff are no longer the same and for some strange reason, they don’t provide napkins anymore (the type you lay on your lap).

Victoria Peak is having a 30% discount on all dim sum dishes from now until perpetuity (ok the staff don’t know when the promotion ends so that means it’s relatively safe to go in the next few weeks). There was a huge signboard advertising the 30% discount, but not one of us saw it. I blame it on the throngs of New Creation Church goers who might have blocked my view of the signboard!

Victoria Peak - Deep fried beancurd skin with prawn

Deep fried Beancurd Skin with Prawn $5.50 – This is one of my favourite dishes to order whenever I have dim sum. I just love beancurd skin! This version here was not oily tasting which is good, but I thought that the prawn taste didn’t come through.

Victoria Peak - Har Gow

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling $5.50 –  Another must order for me. Dumplings were a little on the small side. Pretty good. At least the skins were nice and thin. Don’t like those dumplings with thick skins that go soggy after a while.

Victoria Peak - Siew Mai

Siew Mai/Pork Dumpling $4.80 – I liked the bouncy texture of the pork dumpling and they were quite generous with the roe at the top of the dumpling.

Victoria Peak - Prawn Rice Roll

Steamed Cheong Fun with Prawn $5.50 – This one was so so. Rice Roll felt a bit soggy and mushy. Prawns were not big enough.

Victoria Peak - Pumpkin Dumpling

Steamed Dumpling with wild mushroom in pumpkin sauce $5.50 – I have no idea how this tastes cuz this was served wrongly to our table. We spent 5 minutes trying to guess what this was, before relinquishing the dish to the wait staff. Should have quietly eaten it! And this wasn’t the only dish that was sent wrongly to our table. A total of 3 or 4 extra dishes were sent to our table! We should have grabbed them all! Even a jug of beverage was also sent to our table! At least none of the dishes we ordered went missing.

Victoria Peak - Crystal Dumpling

Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling with Spinach $4.80 – This was so so on the flavours but I liked the crunch of the ingredients. As with crystal dumplings, the skin tends to be thicker and stickier. Have you ever come across one with a thin skin?

Victoria Peak - Char Siew Pau

Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun aka Char Siew Bao $3 – Bao was pretty good. Everyone liked it as the meat tasted fresh and there was a lot of meat rather than cheap fats. I would have liked for the sauce to be slightly sweeter, but that boils down to personal preference. Bun was fluffy and light.

Victoria Peak - Vegetable Pot

Vegetable Pot $19 – Being a pescetarian, my father decided to order this to supplement the number of meat-free dim sum he consumed. I was hesitant to order this at first (I mean dim sum is supposed to be relatively veg free and I was in a dim sum mood) but it turned out to be a great dish. Everyone loved it very much! The soup broth was really flavourful and rich. The vegetables were all fresh and still had a bite to it. Really really nice and healthy too!

Victoria Peak - Crispy Noodle with Prawns Victoria Peak - Crispy Noodle with Prawns (2)

Crispy Noodle with Prawn $19 – This was also another great order although I’m not really sure if it is worth $19. There weren’t that many prawns, and noodle is cheap. Nonetheless, the thick stock that they ladled onto the crispy noodle made the noodles taste very good. The stock is provided separately so your noodles remain crispy until when you desire to have them.

Victoria Peak - Flowing Salted Egg Bun

Steamed Egg Custard Buns $4.80 – Last but not least, the flowing custard bun. Served hot with lots of oozy custard in a fluffy bun. Really no complaints here. Sorry no photo of the custard oozing out cuz it’s just tooooo precious to waste on a photo!

On the whole, I would say that Victoria Peak’s dim sum is very good, especially considering the price. For all that we ate, we spent only $79 including tea! It’s just not as good as my beloved Pearl River Palace, but I will certainly make another trip back, while the 30% discount promo is on! Remember, the discount applies only to the dim sum dishes, so if you’re ordering the crispy noodle or the vegetable pot, you have to pay full price!

Victoria Peak Restaurant

3rd Level, Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Joe & Dough

Every time I walk pass a sandwich store or a cafe in town, I am reminded of the severely limited options available to me and my colleagues since moving to the new MapleTree Business City. Visitors to our office gush at how wonderful the place looks and how lucky we must be to have such a great view of the sea. But seriously, they are just suffering from “tourist blindness”. As you can well imagine, being a tourist in a foreign country is vastly different from actually staying put for the long term.

Joe & Dough

The other day, I happened to be in the Suntec Area and I chanced upon this sandwich place called Joe & Dough, which is right next to Carrefour. I have no idea if this place serves nice sandwiches or not, but I have a soft spot for catchy names and nice looking cafes so I’m quite keen to try this place out. Anyone know if this place is good? I checked out Joe & Dough’s menu and it seems pretty okay. Well, nowadays, anything is better than Cedele!

Not that there’s anything bad about Cedele, but I now associate Cedele with not so nice memories! Even though I used to like Cedele a lot, I am so sick of the place considering that I have been eating there several times a week! Not to mention that that’s the thing I usually have when I have to WORK LATE! This all being thanks to the location of my office.

I’m going to be on leave on Monday so I’m going to go into Shenton Way and check out the new cafes and sandwich bars there. Quite a number of cool looking ones have popped up in recent months and I really wanna see if they are any good.

Another question since we’re on the topic. What do you refer to our CBD area as? I call it Shenton Way, but obviously that’s just one of the roads there. Do you refer to the CBD area as Raffles Place?

Marina Bay Promontory and MBS

I really like the new Marina Bay area. After having not worked in Shenton Way for several years, I find the whole place refreshing and revitalizing. There are so many new restaurants and cafes there! I suppose those working in Shenton Way may not feel the same way, with the 5 day work drudgery killing off any feelings of wonder. But for me, this place just exudes an enchantment that still captivates me.

Marina Bay Financial District

Here’s a picture I took of the new Marina Bay Financial District from Kinki’s Rooftop Bar. That’s the StanChart building in the background, or at least that’s what I call it. There’s a cool microbrewery and restaurant called Level33 on the top floor. From Level33, you can get one of the best views of Marina Bay Sands as well as the Suntec area. In my opinion, Level33 is also where you can get the best views of the National Day Parade fireworks, with the Suntec area and the Esplanade as your skyline.

Pity those people who have to be in the office even at 9.30pm at night. In the foreground is The Promontory. It looks like an ordinary piece of flat land from this angle, but trust me, it’s not.

The Promontory (2)

At night, The Promontory serves as a romantic spot to get up close and personal with your sweetheart. What can be more romantic than having the wonderful MBS as your backdrop and the Marina Bay waters just beyond the fencing? And the most important thing, it’s dark enough such that nobody can see your face while you’re smooching away. See the picture above? It’s dark.

The Promontory

Lot’s of people at Customs House and lovebirds strolling along the Promontory, but yes, you will not be recognised. Kinki’s on the 2nd level and roof of Customs House. On the right of it is Fullerton Bay Hotel, also with its own rooftop restaurant and pool. Definitely great places to watch the NDP fireworks as well.

Marina Bay Sands (2)

And if kissing or ogling at people kissing isn’t quite your thing, you can always take in the wonderful views of Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands (3)

They have some sort of a light show going on about 8pm and 10pm I think…

Marina Bay Sands (4)

Marina Bay Sands being attacked!

Marina Bay Sands

and Marina Bay Sands fights back!

How to get to the Marina Bay Area –

For more information on Marina Bay Singapore –

Tang Dian Wang

Last week, we were at Suntec City, looking for a nice place for some Chinese food. Although we love Crystal Jade a lot because it never fails to serve up consistently tasty food at affordable prices, we reminded ourselves of our new philosophy of not going to the same places too frequently.

So we plodded past the Crystal Jade located at the Fountain of Wealth level, and spied Tang Dian Wang. I’d previously tried Tang Dian Wang about 1 or 2 years ago, and I recalled it to be a pleasant experience. But I’ve always noticed that Tang Dian Wang seems to be just a little less crowded than Crystal Jade, although it could very well be because of the huge seating area. Well, with fingers crossed, we decided to find out.

Tang Dian Wang specialises in Shanghainese food. Apart from dumplings and Xiao Long Bao, I don’t really know what constitutes Shanghainese food, and in any case, many of the menu items looked similar to what Crystal Jade offers. We weren’t too adventurous this time round, and stuck to our usual favourites, with the sole exception being the fish soup.

TangDianWang - Roast Duck

Crispy Duck $12.80 – How not to love this dish? It was half gone by the time I finished with my photos!

TangDianWang - Broccoli sauted with garlic

Broccoli sauted with Minced Garlic $9.80 – Nice, with a firm bite and not too oily. The portion was tiny though. It may look like a lot in the photo, but that’s it actually, all the broccoli is within the photo already.

TangDianWang - Beancurd w Oats

Crispy Fried Bean curd with Oats $9.80 – I really liked this dish a lot! I’ve never come across this combination before. Usually you see fried prawns with oats, but bean curd with oats is a first for me!

TangDianWang - Codfish

Steamed Cod with minced garlic in special sauce $13.80 – This was tasty, and had a somewhat deeper cod taste than usual, which I quite like actually.

TangDianWang - Wasabi Prawns

Wasabi Prawns $16.80 – There were mixed reactions to this dish. I thought the dish looked kinda messy and unpalatable, with the wasabi mayo looking quite gunky and thick on the prawns. Also, the portion was miniscule! Despite all that, the prawns still tasted quite good.

TangDianWang - Double Boiled Fish Soup

Mudcarp fish and beans with arrowroot soup $19.80 – This was supposed to be the highlight of the meal, because it was highly recommended on the menu as well as by the friendly waitress. However, of the 4 diners, only 1 person liked it. Firstly, the soup totally failed the looks category. Tell me if you didn’t mistake the soup for some left over liquids scooped out of the kitchen dustbin? Secondly, the soup tasted sour and lacking in a rich fish flavour. Ok maybe I’m being overly critical. Perhaps it’s a dish you either like or hate because my father single-handedly finished the entire pot on our behalf.

TangDianWang - Soup Fish

And he also finished all the mudcarp that was used to make the soup.

TangDianWang - Red Bean Pudding

Red bean jelly cake with coconut sauce $4.20

TangDianWang - Inner Seating Area

TangDianWang - Corridor Seating Area TangDianWang - Menu Click on the photo to see Tang Dian Wang’s menu in detail

On the whole, excluding the disastrous and expensive soup, we really enjoyed the meal. We even ordered more bowls of rice because the food was very appetising. As for me, I think I will just stick to pork or chicken based soup from
now on!

You can also check out the Tang Dian Wang Website. The food pictures look really good. It’s amazing now even Chinese restaurants have cool websites of their own. Tang Dian Wang is owned by the same group that runs Thai Express, New York New York, Pinle, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, Shokudo and Double Bay. Looks like they’re on a quest to conquer every type of cuisine available in Singapore!


Tang Dian Wang

Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-033/036
Tel: (+65) 6334 3007

Opening Hours:
Mondays – Thursdays: 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm (Excluding PH)
Fridays – Sundays: 11am to 10.30pm

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