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Who is 365days2play?

Having been in the oil and gas shipping industry for a number of years specializing in Corporate Development and Investment Analysis, I had a sudden epiphany, packed my bags and bade goodbye to the shipping sector. Now, I am a freelance writer as well as exclusive blogger of Food, Travel and Lifestyle articles on this website.

Why the name 365days2play?

I think every day ought to be a day well spent. I don’t subscribe to the theory that you can only have fun after you retire. (The net present value of having fun only 30 years from now is miniscule!) I believe each day presents opportunities for us to enjoy and to savour. Each day is a day to play and have fun!

What is 365days2play all about?

365days2play is a Singapore Food Blog, with elements of  Travel and Lifestyle.

Food reviews, secret hideaways, travel tips, photographs of pretty things, you name it, I blog about it.

Through 365days2play, I hope to share my thoughts and experiences on having fun, eating well and exploring sunny Singapore and more.

Hopefully one day, when you ask about the best Singapore Food Blogs, 365days2play comes to mind!

Why blog?

Writing about fun things and sharing the experience is part of the fun as well! I’ve done a lot of “not so ordinary” things over the years such as writing for the New Paper as a Teen “Aunt Aggie”, working as a kitchen hand preparing flight meals (yes the stuff you eat on-board your flight), and even working at the Night Safari as a tram commentator. It’s the fun things that are memorable and that I still remember. Blogging is fun and I only wish I started earlier!

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All content is exclusively produced by me. If you’ve enjoyed reading my 3-in-one Food Blog, Travel Blog and Lifestyle Blog on Singapore and the great beyond,  drop me a comment or email me at 365days2play [at] gmail [dot] com.

Invites, advertorials or if you require my services as a Singapore based freelance writer for your magazine/newspaper, do contact me at 365days2play [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. if you are serious, dont leave it too late…………I hope you also love the cold… it is very cold there…lived in Wellington for 2 yrs… very cold + very Windy… Probably, Auckland would suit Asians better..
    I really find it hard to think that a Singaporean love Life on the Land.. can be a very lonely place for a City person..
    I love the bush, but dont think I can live in a Farm…
    N Z is very beautiful.. but I still love my home in Melbourne good luck… if you need help to realise your dreams, pl yell…

    • Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by. Windy Wellington so they say. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. People living in the rural farms year to go to the city, and city folks yearn to go back to the land.

  2. I am sorry… your last statement may be true in Busy Noisy Spore..
    Over here, not many I know moved to work in the farm….Country people cannot tolerate the ‘ fast’ Life in the City !!! City folks will die of loneliness in the Farm.. In case you dont know, there’s NOT enough women in the Country towns…a LOT of Men ending up SINGLE !! If you havent been to NZ, please spend a month there…it is NOT expensive.( NOT 5 * ). plenty of jobs in the Farm..must be willing to do ANY job.. it will pay for your trip..

  3. Hi 365! I’m trying to find an email address for you so I can persuade you to come and try out Cafe Epicurious at The Rail Mall at least once! We’ve got some new dinner dishes as well as a value for money Family-Style (set) Menu. Can you drop me a line at helena@epicurious.com.sg. Cheers!

  4. Hi 365,

    This is Li Shian, a journalist from a Malay newspaper, KOSMO! in Malaysia. (You may check my name in Google search engine). Was browsing through the net to find pictures of Nasi Beriyani to be used in our Tanjong Pagar story…and chance upon your website. So, here I am writing to get your permission to use one of your close-up shot of nasi beriyani and we will give credit for your blog.

    I was there at Tanjong Pagar station to do a coverage on the memories of the people there…and we did not manage to capture a picture of the food. Hope and would really appreciate if you could reply my request by today..

    Thanks a lot!!

    Li Shian

  5. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog, very nicely done, and amazing categorizing by the way (something which I can’t for the life of me seem to do properly). Will be adding you to my blogroll 🙂

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