Best places in Singapore to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Where to go to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Qatar) in Singapore? Well here’s my take on several places you can consider hanging out with your pals during this football season. Make sure the place has many tv screens so no matter where you are seated, you will still have a good view. For those of you who have never watched a football game beyond the confines of your house, there’s just nothing like watching with a whole bunch of people, even if they are strangers. The atmosphere and the loud cheering, it’s the next best thing to being at the football stadium itself!

Where to watch football in Singapore? Here are more restaurants and pubs. Click on the links for drinks and food promos to accompany you through the beautiful game! (updated 12 June 2016)

Where to watch football in Singapore suggestions (by area) :-

  1. Robertson Quay
  2. Clarke Quay
  3. Boat Quay
  4. Chijmes
  5. East coast Park
  6. McDonalds – Ang Mo Kio Park, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 and Yishun SAFRA only
  7. Community Centres  – Click here to download full schedule or here to visit the PA website.

McDonalds in particular is cheap and good, especially if the financial crisis has got to you but you still want to chill out. Don’t have to splurge on beer and there’s probably a McDonalds near you.

Don’t look down on watching the World Cup at our Community Centres. My parents went to catch the England Italy match at 6am today (15 June 2014) and it was full house! Standing room only!

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  1. This is a great list and I’m sure many people will appreciate you taking the trouble to compile it 🙂 I have never tried watching it in a public place but this time I may have to since I’m boycotting Starhub and Singtel with their exhorbitant rates.

    • Thanks!! It seems a lot of people plan to boycott as well, looks like the pubs and restaurants are going to make a bundle from Starhub and Singtel’s loss!

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