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Review of Ritz Carlton Colony Restaurant Festive Buffet

We have been religiously visiting Ritz Carlton for the last few Decembers to enjoy their festive afternoon tea at the Chihuly Lounge. Alas, Chihuly Lounge which was famous for its afternoon tea is no more and has been turned into a new cocktail F&B concept called the Republic. So this year, we decided to forgo afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton and instead check out their buffet restaurant Colony.

Ritz Carlton Colony Festive Lunch (1)

Obviously self-serve buffets are not allowed at this point in time. So some hotels will still have a buffet line, where you point at the food you want and the staff will serve you. In the case of The Colony, you peruse an online menu, make your orders with the staff and they will serve you. The great thing about this method is the food served is freshly prepared, and usually plated nicely too. The bad thing is that you don’t really know what you’re getting, which results in a number of misses and hence wastage (or you might eat it and not have space for what you really want). Also it is difficult to indicate portion size and very often the portion size served is larger than what I would need. I prefer to go for tiny portions so that I can try more items, and if I like something I’ll then make repeated orders. In any case, Colony has overcome this issue somewhat by providing pictures of every single dish on their menu. Unfortunately, the pictures are a tad small so it still resulted in some surprises for us.

So here are some of our thoughts on the festive buffet.

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Craft Tea Fox – Matcha & Hojicha latte drinks in the comfort of your home

Do you like anything Matcha? I’m sure there are many Matcha lovers in Singapore and these days, you can get just about any type of food infused with Matcha. Think matcha pancakes, ice creams, waffles, cakes, cookies and many more.

Or perhaps you prefer to ingest your Matcha via liquid form. The other day, I was lucky to be gifted this set of bottled Matcha as well as Hojicha latte drinks from Craft Tea Fox. Matcha is green tea and Hojicha is simply roasted green tea. These drinks arrived just at the most opportune time because it was sweltering hot and I was really craving for something cold.

Craft Tea Fox - Matcha Latte Pouring Shot

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What is open during Chinese New Year 2021?

What is open during Chinese New Year 2021? Here’s 365days2play’s annual list of supermarkets, malls, clinics, food courts, and kopi/cafe places that are open during the CNY period! Hope you find it useful. If the supermarket or shopping centre in Orchard road is not listed here, it’s because the information is not available (yet)! You can also check the 2018 guide, 2019 guide  and 2020 guide for reference. Oh if you’re looking for cafe opening hours for this CNY, it’s here. Remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on so make sure you keep safe-distancing in mind wherever you are!

What is open during Chinese New Year 2021 Singapore (2)

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wishes all a prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year 2021! Huat ah!



  • 28 Jan – 10 Feb – Extended opening hours
  • CNY Eve (11 Feb) – Non 24 hr stores mostly close at 5pm
  • 1st Day (12 Feb) – Non 24 hr stores either closed or close at 5pm
  • 2nd Day (13 Feb) – Business as usual
  • A number of stores operating 24 hours throughout eg FairPrice Woodlands 888, Tampines 138, New Upper Changi, Bedok North Blk 89, Teban Gardens
  • See the full list of CNY opening hours for NTUC stores here

Cold Storage

  • 4 Feb – 10 Feb – Extended opening hours
  • CNY Eve (11 Feb) – Almost all outlets open till 9pm
  • 1st Day (12 Feb) -  Most outlets 8/9am – 9pm. Taka closed
  • 2nd Day (13 Feb) – Most outlets until 10pm. Taka closed
  • 3rd Day (14 Feb) – Business as usual
  • A number of stores operating 24 hours throughout eg Cluny Court, Jelita, Siglap Village, Rail Mall, NEX
  • See the full list of CNY operating hours for Cold Storage stores here


Sheng Siong

  • Until 10 Feb – Extended opening hours
  • CNY Eve (11 Feb) – All stores operate till 4pm
  • 1st Day (12 Feb) – Only 25 stores open from 8 am – 6pm including Bedok North 539, Bedok Central 209, Geylang 301, Junction Nine, Jurong SuperBowl, Woodlands 301 etc
  • 2nd Day (13 Feb) – Same as Day 1.
  • 3rd Day (14 Feb) – Business as usual
  • See the full list of CNY operating hours for Sheng Siong stores here

Prime Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (11 Feb) – Most close at 5pm
  • 1st Day (12 Feb) – Most are closed
  • 2nd Day (13 Feb) – Most are closed
  • 3rd Day (14 Feb) – Largely business as usual
  • Bedok South 18, Compassvale 263, Hougang 106, Jurong West 962, King George 803, Punggol Field 108 will be open 24 hours throughout
  • See the full list of CNY operating hours for Prime Supermarket stores here

Don Don Donki

  • CNY Eve (11 Feb) – Orchard Central 24hrs, the rest 8am – 11pm
  • 1st Day (12 Feb) – Orchard Central 24hrs, the rest 9am/10am – 10pm/12am
  • 2nd Day (13 Feb) – Same as Day 1
  • See Don Don Donki’s CNY operating hours notice

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Chao Ting Teochew Pao Fan – Jumbo’s Pao Fan concept comes to Simpang Bedok!

Pao Fan / 泡饭 has been the buzzword in the dining scene these days and Easties will be glad that they have yet another Pao Fan option to choose from. Chao Ting Teochew Pao Fan recently opened its second outlet at Simpang Bedok. Chao Ting is one of Jumbo Group’s latest concepts, having opened Chao Ting only in June 2019 as a simple stall in Far East Square.

Chao Ting Teochew Pao Fan (8)

Photo Credit: Source

The Chao Ting stall at Simpang Bedok is even simpler looking as it resides within a bigger outlet called Lao Lim Kaya Toast, which happens to be opened by the Lao Lim Mee Pok next door (original one being in Jalan Tua Kong). You can actually sit at either outlet and order from both.

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Hay, Gelato–Great tasting gelatos and waffles in Bedok!

Hay, have you been to Hay, Gelato yet? A whole bunch of ice-cream cafes opened up in the last few months including Hay, Gelato which is located in Bedok. For too long, I’ve felt that there are not enough cafes in the Eastern Eastern part of Singapore, ie Bedok and further East. But finally things are changing, with the opening of Hay, Gelato, An Acai Affair, Haute & Cauld etc. Unfortunately though, still no large café where you can get proper brunch/café food.

Hay, Gelato (2)

Anyway back to Hay, Gelato. They are owned by the same people who run Brine and the shuttered Laneway Market. Hay Gelato boasts premium gelatos infused with smoky flavours. You can find interesting flavours here like Pandan Lemongrass, Uji Matcha, Preserved Orange Peel and Brown Sugar Rosemary.

Hay, Gelato (5)

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