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STAR WARS™ Identities: The Exhibition – Good for Star Wars fans

Grab your power converters and strap in for STAR WARS™️ Identities, happening at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum. With over 200 props, original costumes, models and conceptual artwork this exhibition is a must for all SW fans young and old.

Star Wars Identities at Art Science Museum (3)

The comprehensive exhibition focuses on episodes 1-6 and features most of the major characters such as Luke and Leia through to Anakin and Padme. It features original costumes from various characters with the standout being the Darth Vader costume worn by David Prowse in the original trilogies. There are numerous models of the most iconic space ships and a life like Marquette of Yoda. Plus the movie props like the Han Solo Carbonite will surely cause every fan to freeze to take it all in.

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Goodbye 2020!

It’s the last day of 2020! I’ve been completely swamped but I thought I should at least pen down something to mark the end of 2020!

Best wishes for 2021

It certainly has been one helluva tumultuous year for everyone thanks to COVID-19. I wanted to share my thoughts and what I experienced this year. However I also want to end off on a positive note so for now, I will just mention some skills/habits I picked up this year and hope to continue in 2021.

1. Exercise – The 4Q saw me picking up pace in terms of exercising. Thanks to a health fanatic friend, as well as wanting to minimise using the shuttle buses, I’ve increase the amount of time I spent walking. I also started visiting the gym again a few times. Things slowed a little during December due to many meet ups, but I shall pick up pace again in 2021.

2. This blog – You might have noticed that I pushed out numerous articles in the last few months. Once again, I hope to keep up and in fact ramp up the pace on this.

3. Social Media – My social media presence increased significantly, and I will continue to work towards making the growth exponential

4. Financial – After years of neglect, I finally delved into the stock market again this year. Also settled some other financial stuff. Hoping to do more next year.

5. Friends – Met up with so many people this year (surprisingly!), particularly in December. And even primary school friends whom I have not met in decades!

Well that’s all for now. Happy 2021 everyone! May 2021 be much better than 2020!!!

Meidi-Ya opens at Millenia Walk – 5 things to look out for!

Fans of Meidi-Ya, the premium Japanese supermarket chain can now rejoice at it’s newest and largest 2-storey flagship store at Millenia Walk (24,000 sqft) that will be officially opening on 25 November 2020. The bakery, food hall and wine & liquor store is on Level 1, while the supermarket is on Level 2. The supermarket offers fresh Japanese fruits, vegetables, and meat, that is air flown directly from Japan thrice a week and shipped by sea once a week.

This is their most convenient outlet yet, being located in the heart of town, and just outside Promenade MRT Station. And just for this opening weekend (28th and 29th Nov), there will be free parking for everyone who visits Millenia Walk, no minimum spending required, just drive in!

Meidi-Ya at Millenia Walk (5)

Meidi-Ya also has another outlet at Great World City but that is much smaller. I know many were saddened when Meidi-Ya closed its decades old store at Liang Court. But the Liang Court outlet, even if more spacious, was a pain to get to, especially prior to the opening of the Fort Canning MRT Station a couple of years back.

Check out my Instagram to watch my Meidi-Ya instastories videos!

Here are 5 interesting highlights you need to look out for:

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DJI OM4 review – The gimbal to buy if you want to take selfie videos?

I have been considering buying a gimbal since last year. Prior to my NZ trip last year, I briefly considered buying a gimbal, and was on the verge of ordering one. What is a gimbal, you may ask? Basically it’s a handheld device which you attach your camera/smartphone to, to reduce camera shake. If you like to take a lot of videos on the go, stabilising your camera will improve the quality of the videos. Certain angles may be easier to film as well.

I had intended to take a lot of family videos during my trip to NZ. But being just a hobbyist, would the gimbal be worth the money spent? In the end, I decided not to go ahead with the purchase, partly also because I left it too late to make the purchase.

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8 Tips for new gardeners on growing a high-rise balcony vegetable garden

The other day over a cup of coffee, I was enthusiastically regaling my gardening trials to a friend, when she suggested that I perhaps compile my woes into a blog post for people who are gardening for the first time. It had never occurred to me to do so as I consider myself very new to gardening (less than a year?) as compared to those who have done it for decades, and with a much larger garden.

But on second thoughts, I agree there is still much to share and much to be learnt despite numerous articles out there catered to the newbie gardener.

Happy Gardener

Balcony gardening is fun! Just look at this happy happy little gardener! He did proclaim that he will help to harvest but not to eat the greens!

The whole problem is that when something happens to your plant, such as it having crumpled leaves, or it not flowering, many reasons are offered and you’re none the wiser as to which reason was the cause of the problem. Also, a lot of the advice is generic and may not apply to the type of plant you have, whether it be potted or garden grown and very importantly, locality. Worst of all, the effects of whatever wrong doing you might have inflicted on your plant may take days to be visible, if at all.

So here’s what I learnt from balcony gardening living in tropical and humid Singapore, where day temperatures are in excess of 30 degress most parts of the year. I’ve been planting mainly edible plants, with the bulk being green leafy vegetables. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get live updates!

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