What is open during Chinese New Year 2016?

Here’s my annual list of supermarkets, malls and kopi/cafe places that are open during the CNY period! Hope you find it useful. If the supermarket or shopping centre in Orchard road is not listed here, it’s because the information is not available (yet)! You can also check 2015 guide, 2014 guide, 2013 guide or 2012 guide for reference.

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wishes all a prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year 2016!



  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  All stores close at 5pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All stores closed except for 25 stores that will be open 24 hr (see list)
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All stores closed except for 25 stores that will be open 24 hr (see list)
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – All open except 5
  • See the full list of NTUC opening hours here

Cold Storage Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most stores 8am – 7pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Most stores 10am – 7pm/9pm.
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb) – Mostly normal hours
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open as usual
  • Some stores open 24 hr throughout : Aperia, Cluny Park, Rail Mall, NEX, Sentosa Cove
  • See the full list of Cold Storage opening hours here

Giant Supermarket

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All open at largely the same hours as usual!
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open as usual
  • See the full list of Giant Supermarket opening hours here

Sheng Siong

7-Eleven Stores

  • OPEN during Chinese New Year!

Shopping Centres / Changi Airport

Marina Bay Sands

ION Orchard


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – Closed at 5.30pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open
  • Takashimaya Opening Hours


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – 10am – 5pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Open
  • Tangs Website


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) – Most stores closed about 5.30 pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – A number of stores closed esp upper floors
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – A number of stores closed esp upper floors
  • Din Tai Fung, BreadTalk, Market Place, Fish & Co, Yakun open throughout
  • See the full list of Paragon store opening hours here


  • Open as per usual from 10am – 11pm everyday
  • IKEA Website

Kopi, Teh and Cafes

Killiney Kopitiam

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most outlets closed, except Cheers ECP, HK Street, McPherson, Metropolis, Changi Airport, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Marina Sq closes at 1pm.
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Most outlets closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Most outlets closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Half of the outlets open.
  • Changi Airport, HK Street, Cheers ECP, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal open throughout
  • See the full list of Killiney Kopitiam outlets opening hours here

Toast Box

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Most close at 3.30pm – 4pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Half the stores open from 10am – 7pm.
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Half the stores open from 10am – 7pm. Some normal hours.
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Mostly normal hours. Asia Sq, Cap Sq, MBLM, NAFA closed.
  • No more Changi Airport outlet at T3. Closed down! Resorts World normal hours throughout
  • See the full list of Toast Box outlets opening hours here


  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Mostly open until 2.30pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Mostly closed. Bugis Junction, Paragon, ION, AMK Mrt, HDB Hub open till 7.30pm
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb) – Mostly closed. Above and Parkway, Northpoint, White Sands, NEX etc open till about 7.30pm
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Nearly all biz as usual
  • Changi Airport outlet open throughout
  • See the full list of Yakun outlets opening hours here

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed at Ngee Ann City, CPF Building, Republic Plaza, Expo, Singapore Post Kiosk, Ngee Ann Poly
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed at CPF Building, Republic Plaza, Expo, Singapore Post Kiosk, Ngee Ann Poly
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Business as usual
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Stores opening hours

O’Coffee Club

  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed at Cap Square, Funan, Harbourfront, Tampines 1, Wisma
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All outlets open except Cap Square
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Business as usual
  • O’Coffee Club Stores opening hours


  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – All outlets mostly open except CBD outlets
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – All outlets mostly open except CBD outlets
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Largely normal operations
  • http://www.starbucks.com.sg/2016-cny/

Cafes that will be open during CNY

Cafes that will be closed during CNY


Sushi Tei

  • CNY Eve (7 Feb) –  Closed at 3pm
  • 1st Day (8 Feb) – Closed
  • 2nd Day (9 Feb ) – Closed
  • 3rd Day (10 Feb) – Normal Operations
  • See Sushi Tei opening hours here



List will be updated as and when I receive more information. Happy Chinese New Year to all! HUAT AH! Smile Smile

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Where to get Salted Egg Croissants in Singapore

Apparently the Salted Egg / Liu Sha croissant craze has been going on for a number of months overseas including places like JB, but it’s only just begun on our shores a week back! If you’re a fan of anything salted egg, you must try Antoinette’s salted egg croissants. They are the real deal man. THREE salted egg yolks go into each of these babies.

Antoinette Salted Egg Croissant (2)

Yesterday was the launch of Antoinette’s liu sha croissants at 11am at their Penhas outlet in Lavender. By 12 noon, they were completely sold out! And it’s not as if Antoinette were just selling a couple of croissants. The staff had to start preparations in their 12 degree kitchen at 3am yesterday, painstakingly preparing the 900 salted egg yolks that would eventually be stuffed into the French style croissants. The salted egg yolks are combined with sugar and milk, and then sieved several times to reduce the grainy texture that is typical of salted egg yolks. In fact, if you ask me, there’s no need to apologise for the grainy texture because that’s what real salted egg custard should be like! We should in fact be aware of places that tout smooth salted egg custard (liu sha bao especially) because those are probably made with custard powder instead and contains little salted egg.

Antoinette Salted Egg Croissant (1)

Anyway to cut the long story short, Antoinette will be selling these liu sha croissants at $6.50++ daily at their Penhas outlet at 11am each day. From Feb 10 onwards at 1pm each day, they will also be available at the other Antoinette outlets. Hurry before they run out!

Cutting a croissant

BTW if you want a picture perfect salted egg croissant, you can get the staff to help you cut the croissant with a serrated knife. If you just use the normal knife, you will end up flattening the croissant.

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Pepenero – Great Italian food in the CBD

I love it when I am able to find restaurants helmed by passionate chefs and Italian restaurant Pepenero was one such gem I discovered. Born in Rome, Chef Daniel Singleton serves up classic Italian dishes with Roman flavours (as opposed to say Tuscan or Neapolitan). As I have never been to Italy, my unrefined palate isn’t able to detect the nuances of Tuscan vs Roman, but for those of you who have the skill or yearn for traditional Roman Italian dishes in Singapore, Pepenero is the place to go. Be sure to tell the wait staff up front that you want the full unadulterated version!

I’ll start off by blogging about the desserts because the desserts served at Pepereno are just so pretty and delicious!

Pepenero - Traditional pannacotta with mix berry $12 (2)

Traditional pannacotta with mix berry $12

It was a choice between the molten chocolate lava cake or the Pannacotta and in the end I ordered the Pannacotta because I wanted something creamy tasting. Pepenero’s version is pretty mild, I wouldn’t mind something sweeter and creamier tasting, but I loved the softness and wobble as the spoon sliced through the dessert.

Pepenero - Semifreddo (Forzen zabaglione souffle served with amaretto sauce) $14 (2)

 Semifreddo (Frozen zabaglione souffle served with amaretto sauce) $14

The Partner had the Semifreddo, which is kind of like an ice cream cake. This ice cream cake packed a punch thanks to the generous dose of alcohol in the amaretto sauce.

Pepenero - Vanilla ice cream

We both loved this homemade vanilla ice cream. We hadn’t ordered this originally, but the chef told us that we simply had to try it, and he was right. One of the creamiest, most vanilla tasting vanilla ice creams I have eaten! He should make tons of this and sell it by the box!

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Hotel Jen Tanglin–Staycation!

Last month, I had the opportunity to enjoy a staycation just before Christmas with the Partner at the recently refurbished Hotel Jan Tanglin (used to be Traders Hotel). It’s been such a long time since I had a staycation in Singapore and I was really looking forward to the short break, even if the hotel is but a 1 minute drive from my office! I don’t know about you, but I love having staycations.

I’d love a vacation overseas any day of course, but I still love staycations because there’s just no hassle to it, and I have the entire time to fully enjoy the hotel facilities without having to worry about any household chores or cleaning up after that! I’ve stayed in some beautiful hotels around the world, but never got the chance to fully bask in it all because of the need to balance the sight seeing schedule. Being right in the heart of town is another great plus point for me too, I can stay out late and just simply walk back to the hotel without worrying about transport!

Hotel Jen Tanglin - Club Room (11)

Check out this stylishly appointed club room we got to enjoy at Hotel Jen. It has quite a character of its own don’t you think? Love the drawings on the walls, different rooms have different ones. It may not be a very big room compared to other newer hotels, but at 25 sqm, we both felt it was still a comfortable size, and most importantly, very cosy.

Hotel Jen Tanglin - Club Room (12)

I love the decor of every part of the room, the colours and materials chosen are just so soothing to the eye. The little study desk and chair makes me want to type away at my laptop all day and push out 5 blog posts at once! There’s free wifi in the room and around the hotel, as well as ample electrical sockets, some with international configuration so you don’t even have to bring adaptors.

Hotel Jen Tanglin - Club Room (9)

Who doesn’t love an alcove to snuggle into? The Partner wasted no time in plopping himself on the cushy sofa and tried to spy on the people swimming at the pool below. Ask for the pool view if you can, then you can have unblocked views of half of Singapore including the Singapore Botanic Gardens right in front. I was surprised to see that there were very few lights at night coming from the houses.

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Assembly Coffee 2016

It’s been 2 years since Assembly Coffee opened at Evans Road. How time flies! I remember I was so happy to have a 3rd wave cafe opening near my work place, and since then, Singapore has been inundated, with cafes galore. What a difference 2 years makes.

Despite my love for coffee, I’m not one of those who needs a fix every day. I don’t get a buzz from drinking coffee, and I can have it even at night. It’s more of the idea of relaxing over a cup of beverage that perks me up, so I’ve only visited Assembly Coffee once in a while, when my colleagues have time during lunch to sit down for a cuppa, which is not all that often. I actually dislike doing takeaways as it just defeats the purpose for me.

Anyway, last weekend I was back in the office to do some clearing up and decided to indulge a bit by getting their waffles. Assembly Coffee is not just known for its coffee, they do a mean waffle too. There are currently 5 waffle options on the menu and the 3 of us decided to share the mixed berry compote with vanilla ice cream one.

Mixed Berry Compote Buttermilk Waffles (1)

Mixed Berry Compote Buttermilk Waffles $12.50

I must say the 3 of us unanimously agreed that the waffle was fantastic. The waffle was crispy on the outside, but still fluffy on the inside. We don’t really like waffles that are just crispy throughout, then it feels like we’re just eating crust or something. The generous dollop of vanilla ice cream and mixed berries went really well with the waffle, softening the crispy exterior. Being the sweet toothed me, I wouldn’t mind if it were just a little bit sweeter though. Even the taste of the waffle itself was slightly different from the more one dimensional versions that you get from average cafes. I guess it’s the buttermilk at work.

Mixed Berry Compote Buttermilk Waffles (2)

Another waffle picture just for the fun of it. Scroll down if you want to see Assembly Coffee’s 2016 menu.

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