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Saturday, 12 June 210

Well done South Africa. They’ve been playing well in recent games and with home support I expect them to proceed to the second round with Mexico. Pity Uruguay couldn’t beat cheating France, but still glad to see the french play so poorly. They haven’t played well for so many years and yet people still expect them to top the group. How they are supposed to play well with the 3rd worst coach I don’t know.

On to today’s predictions.

South Korea 0 Greece 1

Greece played very well in qualifying and I think will be just a bit too strong for Korea.

Argentina 1 Nigeria 1

Argentina have a great side but are handicapped by having the 2nd worst coach at the tournament.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Mexico will beat South Africa, because Mexico always does well in the 1st round and then self-destructs in the 2nd round.


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