Taupo — Huka Honey Hive

When in New Zealand, you have to buy some honey back home. New Zealand has one of the finest honeys in the world thanks to the clean environment. I believe that when the air, water and soil are fresher and not tainted with smog and chemicals, the nectar from the flowers is cleaner and purer. The bees eat the good nectar and naturally produce the best honey. I can’t imagine buying honey from smog laden cities. Even though the farms will be in the countryside, ask yourselves, where does the city air go? Upwards and sideways, so don’t take your chances.

Another reason why you have to buy honey in New Zealand is because it is the only country that produces Manuka Honey.

Honey Hive (6)

Tasting counter. You have to be above 21 to taste the honey wines and alcohol.

Honey Hive

Mead wine….mmmm… for those who love sweet wines!

Honey Hive (3)

Honey Hive (4)

Honey Hive (5)

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Huka Honey Hive

65 Karetoto Rd

(off Huka Falls Rd)

Wairakei Park, Taupo

Phone: +64 7 374 8553

Email: info@honeyhivetaupo.com

Google Maps to Huka Honey Hive


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