Taupo — Huka Falls

These pictures don’t even begin to show the majesty of Huka Falls. You’ve got to go there to experience the dramatic grandeur of Huka Falls. And like a lot of New Zealand’s natural wonders, you can enjoy Huka Falls for free! Just make sure you keep your hats and sunnies on tight.

Huka Falls is a short drive from Taupo City Centre, just follow the signs and there should be no problems. Before you get to Huka, there is also a hilltop look out where you can get a good view of Taupo City Centre. After you’ve enjoyed Huka Falls, be sure to turn off to your left just after the main tourist site. There, you can dip your toes in the river as well as enjoy watching the duckies bobbing around. Scroll down for those photos.

Huka Falls

Calm river after Huka Falls

Taupo City Lookout

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