Shakespear Regional Park — Part 2

Shakespear Park - Direction PostWhich way do you want to go? Te Haruhi Bay, Okoromai Bay, Waterfall Gully, Army Bay? Shakespear Park - Views from the peak (5) Lost sheep looking at the signs for guidance Shakespear Park - Views from the peak (3) Rangitoto Volcano and island in the distance Shakespear Park - BeachOn a clear day, when the waters are in…. Shakespear Park - Cockle PickingHowever, when the waters are out, that’s when the activity begins! Everyone is allowed to pick up to 50 cockles for consumption! It’s hard work because it’s icky mud all the way and you have to go quite far out in order to get the larger cockles. Shakespear Park - Cockle Picking (2)Like this far out, until you can’t even see us anymore! To a Singaporean, it’s simply amazing that you can get ”free” food like this! 2 Pukekos Pukekos eyeing each other. They can’t fly and they look quite comical when they run in their short hops! Unlike the seagulls who will stay nearby when you throw scraps at them, the Pukekos seem very shy. Once they snag a huge piece of bread piece, they will run away from the crowd. Peacock The resident Peacock Seagull One of the numerous seagulls.

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