What to do at Changi Airport

Do you know what is the worst thing about living in Singapore when one has the world’s finest airport? Singaporeans never get to fully savour all the delights that Changi Airport Transit Area has to offer because it’s just almost impossible that we will be transiting in our own country’s airport. True, we could head for the airport earlier, but human nature obviously renders that an impossibility as well.

Where in the world can you find an airport where you can:-

1. Feel you are in a hotel rather than an airport because the whole transit area is fully carpeted.

2. Watch free football and TV in a football themed seating area.

3. Enjoy free Internet at the numerous terminals available or free WIFI throughout the entire airport.

4. Go for a breather outdoors at the skygarden oasis.

5. Buy up a storm ranging from a full suit of clothes, to bags to tea leaves and suitcases?

6. Sample all sorts of local delights at the numerous eateries.

7. Enjoy a cup of local coffee or tea for only USD$1 at Toastbox?

8. Have a shower at the Transit Hotel.

9. Ride a few rounds on the SkyTrain from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 just for fun. Kids just love doing this!

And these are the things you can do while in the Transit area of Changi Airport. If you have time to venture into the non-transit areas, these are the things you can also find:-

1. NTUC and Cold Storage supermarkets where you can stock up on practically anything that the average supermarket carries.

2. Have a meal at the Food Court where all the local favourites are available at very affordable prices. A bowl of noodles costs only approx USD$3.

3. Lounge like the locals do at Yakun. Their milk tea USD$1 is a must try, plus the ever popular Kaya Toast (toasted bread with coconut egg jam). Kaya Toast is so popular people can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. Have a restaurant meal at one of the numerous restaurants around. And when I mean numerous, I don’t mean 3 or 4, like what other airports have. I mean like WAY MORE.

To put things in perspective, when not going overseas, visiting Changi Airport is akin to visiting a very exciting and unique Shopping Mall. The only difference between this shopping mall and all the others is that there is a viewing gallery to watch the planes take off.

So if I were you and I were deciding between whether to transit in Singapore vs KL or Bangkok or anywhere else nearby, I’d definitely choose Singapore’s Changi Airport.

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