Bluefin Tuna at Sushi Tei

Went to Sushi Tei at Raffles City today. Their latest seasonal menu is out. I see they have some collagen dishes on offer again. They must have had a good run the last time. I haven’t personally tried eating collagen in this
May 3, 2010

Loose leaf tea on demand

Today I discovered an amazing thing. You can buy loose leaf tea in whatever weight combination you want, from TWG!!! It’s amazing because all along, I’d thought that the tea comes in prepackaged tins. And it’s quite affordable, considering the exorbitant prices
May 2, 2010

How to travel around in Singapore

Travelling around in Singapore is relatively easy and affordable. You can get to almost any place in Singapore using public transport. However, while trains and buses will get you to your destination, they are not the fastest mode of transportation. This is
May 2, 2010

Coastal Park Connector

Yes, pretty places do exist in Singapore. And it’s not hard to find either. Everyone is familiar with East Coast Park. If you continue cycling towards the Changi Airport, after the Safra Golf Course, you will come upon the Coastal Park Connector,
April 28, 2010


Milo at Toast Box. $1.70. Thick, sweet and chocolatey. You don’t always have to have tea or coffee at Toast Box. In my opinion, the Milo is the best drink there is there. Nice especially on a wet and cold day, not
April 26, 2010
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