Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino Singapore

May 24, 2010

Italiannies has CLOSED DOWN in Singapore!

Everybody’s talking about Italiannies. Okay maybe it’s just me. In the last few weeks, I kept coming across the name Italiannies. At first it was just an ad, quite a nice ad too, of a girl slurping noodles. Then without warning, practically every magazine I picked up had a short feature on Italiannies.

To be frank, the 1st time I saw that name, I thought ”this must be some really casual and trying to pass off as authentic Italian place”. Blame it on the ”ies”. It makes names sound more kiddyish, no?

Anyway, I checked out the Italiannies Singapore website, and it looks really good. It is one heck of a colourful website! The marketing team must be doing their job well! Can’t wait to go. Especially since I am in a pasta mood lately… courtesy of Sapore Italiano and the tagliatelle from Brasserie Wolf (strictly speaking, a French restaurant). They’ve only just opened in Singapore but I believe they already have a restaurant in Malaysia for a few years.

See below the pictures taken from their website.

imageThe restaurant interior

imageThe cool ad of the girl slurping up the noodles

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino

#01-02, TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road
Singapore 238164
tel: +65 6736 4211
operational hours:
Sunday – Thursday : 10am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday : 10am – 12mn

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