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Gather – Creperie cafe serving galettes at Raffles Hotel

One of the in cafes that everyone can’t wait to have a try is Gather. Of all the cafes in Singapore, Gather probably has the most sought-after address, being located in Singapore’s iconic and world-renown Raffles Hotel. A very convenient location too, being just a stone’s throw away from Raffles City Shopping Centre and City Hall MRT Station. Click here to find out what to eat around the City Hall area.

Gather at Raffles Hotel - Galettes (1)

Off the Bone Galette

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Raffles Hotel Tiffin Room–Delicious Indian Buffet

I have stepped into Raffles Arcade countless times, but not so the actual interiors of the illustrious Raffles Hotel. So it was without hesitation that I accepted an invitation to check out the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel. The Tiffin Room serves a North Indian buffet, including vegetarian curries for non-meat eaters. Interestingly, Raffles Hotel’s afternoon tea service is also served at the Tiffin Room and not somewhere else.  Did you know that Raffle’s Hotel Tiffin Room was officially named so way back in 1976?

I’d been to Tiffin Room once with my parents, many years ago, could probably have been a decade ago! I remembered it to be a posh place with lots of delicious curries to choose from and I found it difficult to try every single curry because everything was so delicious and there was just no more space in the stomach! Well, nothing much has changed a decade later, it’s like stepping back in time when I revisited the Tiffin Room a few weeks ago.

Tiffin Room

Curries and other Indian dishes are still the stronghold here, and aside from the salad and cheese bar, don’t be expecting other types of cuisine here. That’s not a problem for me because I love Indian food, but if you don’t, I’d say go with an open mind and you might just be delighted.

Tiffin Room -Kalmi Kebab (Tandoor Baked Boneless Chicken Flavored with Cinnamon Stick and Bay Leaf)

Kalmi Kebab (Tandoor Baked Boneless Chicken Flavored with Cinnamon Stick and Bay Leaf)

One of my favourite dishes of the evening as the chicken drumsticks were succulent and really tender with just a bit of charred taste.

Tiffin Room - Murg Makhanwala (Butter Chicken in Smooth Tomato Sauce)

Murg Makhanwala (Butter Chicken in Smooth Tomato Sauce)

I must say all the curries I tasted were fantastic. Even if you just had the curry itself without the ingredients, I could have finished half a plate of rice just with that.

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Royal China

Ok the soup pot below was to whet your appetite…incidentally quite the same idea in Chinese cuisine as well.

During the Vesak day holidays last week, I took my parents and the Partner out for a nice dim sum lunch. As posted some time back, we like to dine at Pearl River Palace at Suntec Convention Centre. The service at Pearl River Palace is good, and the dim sum dishes are of hotel standard, presentation-wise as well as taste. But still, one can’t always dine at the same place all the time or one would never discover other potential gems.

I’ve dined at Royal China at Raffles Hotel many times with my colleagues. A lot of my colleagues from Hong Kong love the dim sum here, and swear that Royal China serves the best dim sum around the Raffles Hotel and City Hall area. My family had never tried Royal China prior to this so the Vesak day holidays was a good chance to let them sample what Royal China had to offer.

I like the decor of the new Royal China. It has a baby blue theme which I really love, but I hear from the more macho of men that they find it too girly. If you ask me, it’s a wonderful place to bring your girlfriend.

Royal China Chilli

First we start with the Chilli. No Chinese cuisine is complete without it, and let it be known that different types of chilli go with different types of Chinese food.

Royal China double boiled pumkin soup

This is the double-boiled pumpkin and pork soup dished out from the funky pot, photo posted earlier. I was a little afraid that it would turn out to be the thick pumpkin soup you get from Western restaurants, but this was a wonderfully light and flavourful broth. The Chinese, in particular the Cantonese, cannot survive without their comfort soups. With soups prepared so lovingly over so many hours, squeezing out every ounce of nutrition from the bones of the pork, it is no wonder that the Cantonese do insist so. I would drink this soup everyday if someone would prepare it for me.

Next, we were served an assortment of exquisite morsels of dim sums.

Royal China Crystal Vegetarian Dumplings

Crystal dumplings – Dumplings filled with mushrooms and crunchy veggies.

Royal China Siew Mai

Siew Mai – No dim sum meal is complete without Siew Mai or Har Gow.

Royal China Har Gow

Har Gow – Prawn dumplings wrapped in paper thin rice flour skin. The better restaurants use only prawns and not pork as filling for their Har Gow.

Royal China Mango and prawn sesame fritter fried

Mango and prawn sesame fried fritter

Royal China special deep fried dumpling

Special deep fried dumpling, to be dipped in soup served on the side.

Royal China 7

Nondescript buns…..

Royal China 5 

… with a salty surprise inside. These buns filled with a salted egg yolk and mango liquid filling was oh so delicious. Just for this alone, and perhaps the soup, I would be willing to return to Royal China, because it is very hard to find salted egg yolk buns in Singapore, or good ones for that matter! It is absolutely essential that the filling is oozy and liquid, none of the hard muck for me.

Can’t wait to go back again!

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Old Soup Pot

Seah Street Deli

Seah Street Deli is not on Seah street!!!! Ok that wasn’t funny. Ok Seah Street Deli is actually a cafe owned by Raffles Hotel.  According to the Raffles Hotel website, Seah Street Deli is a typical New York-style delicatessen, the unique menu features a selection of American sandwiches, entrées and salads. It is yet another place in Raffles Hotel where you can dine without robbing the bank.

I usually go there for the sandwiches. The portions are huge and they have a lot of interesting flavours to choose from. Seah Street Deli is quite similar to Billy Bombers but is quieter and has less teenagers.

Smoked salmon on broccoli with wedgesSmoked salmon on broccoli with wedges

Reuben sandwich with fries I believe this is the Reuben sandwich, with a whole ton of fries. I ordered extra gravy, which I think you can do without because the gravy was not that great in addition to the fact that it cost $2 as well.

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