Seah Street Deli

May 24, 2010

Seah Street Deli is not on Seah street!!!! Ok that wasn’t funny. Ok Seah Street Deli is actually a cafe owned by Raffles Hotel.  According to the Raffles Hotel website, Seah Street Deli is a typical New York-style delicatessen, the unique menu features a selection of American sandwiches, entrées and salads. It is yet another place in Raffles Hotel where you can dine without robbing the bank.

I usually go there for the sandwiches. The portions are huge and they have a lot of interesting flavours to choose from. Seah Street Deli is quite similar to Billy Bombers but is quieter and has less teenagers.

Smoked salmon on broccoli with wedgesSmoked salmon on broccoli with wedges

Reuben sandwich with fries I believe this is the Reuben sandwich, with a whole ton of fries. I ordered extra gravy, which I think you can do without because the gravy was not that great in addition to the fact that it cost $2 as well.

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