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Pre-Birthday Thoughts…

Because a birthday is only once a year, 1 day of celebrations just isn’t enough. This year, the Partner and I decided to take a few days off to really go wild with the celebrations. He goes wild with the paying, while I go wild in the luxuriating. We will stuff ourselves silly and do memorable things before I increase another digit to my age. On my birthday itself, we’re going to check into a nice hotel.

I’m feeling melancholic at this point in time, like I always do each year. There’s always this looking back and wondering if I’ve made good use of the year that’s past. Have I grown a year wiser, more knowledgeable and more capable? Frankly, I don’t feel my age at all. I feel 5 or even 10 years younger than my real age. 10 years ago I would have looked ahead and expected myself to be accomplished and settled by now. I feel old, but as is always the case, 10 years from now, I would once again look back and think how young I was in 2011!

Nevertheless, I shall remind myself to look forward, to always make the best use of my time, and to really live life like there’s no tomorrow. I wish myself more strength, courage, persistence and luck in getting all my life goals achieved.

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