Oasia Resort Sentosa Staycation Review – Gorgeous swimming pool and gigantic courtyard rooms!

June 10, 2024

I have stayed at many hotels in Singapore, but come to think of it, I have never actually stayed in a hotel in Sentosa before. And now that I have experienced Oasia Resort Sentosa, I would definitely highly recommend it.

You will find there are a number of interesting elements to Oasia Resort Sentosa. For one, it is a wellness hotel. The minute you step into the hotel you will be ensconced in a soothing spa-like vibe, from the decor to the music. I felt time slowing down a little and the stress melting away, until a small hand in mine reminded me I was with the kids!

We were there to check out the Courtyard Premier rooms though. These rooms, as the name suggests, come with a courtyard each, and are huge at 63sqm. Since we had the kids with us, we got 2 connecting Courtyard Premier rooms. What a luxurious stay we had. The kids had their own room where they could run wild, and watch whatever tv programmes they wanted without hogging ours.

It was also much easier to get everyone bathed and in bed or ready in the morning since we had the use of 2 bathrooms and sinks. It would have been icing on the cake if there was a bathtub in this room category, but on second thoughts, we didn’t really miss it thanks to all that pool time we had (more on it later).

We also enjoyed having a quiet lunch in the courtyard, without worrying about lingering food smells in the hotel room. The beanbag area was great for catching up on a book or having a game. It felt a bit like being outdoors because the roof awnings are retractable, except with total privacy! And for convenience, there are even connecting doors at the courtyard area. But remember not to speak any secrets here because the neighbours definitely can hear you.

Here’s a tip to deal with all that space, put all your suitcases in the same room or you’ll be wondering where things are!

When at Oasia Resort Sentosa, you simply must cater some time to visit the huge and instagrammable pool. It’s pretty humongous for a boutique-sized hotel that Oasia Resort Sentosa is. I had a fabulous time on the 2nd day of my stay doing lap after lap, with the entire pool to myself as no one else was there! And because of the pool’s location, the hotel seems to wrap around it, you can get a great view of the pool from level 2.

There isn’t a children’s pool area. However guests at Oasia Resort Sentosa are allowed to hop over to the Village Hotel Sentosa just a 2 minute walk away to use the family pools there. There’s a terraced free-form pool (0.5m), a small lazy river (bring your own floats), a children’s fun pool as well as an adult lap pool.

It’s a party atmosphere here, with music blasting in the background, and balls and hoops provided for people to have fun in the pool. Depending on the timing there are also free classes such as water aerobics held here.

Despite the drizzly weather, no one wanted to leave. We had so much fun at the family pools that we were late for dinner and completely forgot that we were supposed to attend a free movie screening also held at Village Hotel Sentosa.

No loss, because that meant we had more time to spare at our buffet dinner at Native Kitchen. They were having a Grill Night buffet, and being a big foodie, I totally didn’t mind spending a couple of hours here savouring the food. 

The spread is largely Asian with familiar favourites such as Hokkien Mee, Chilli Crab + Mantou, Bak Kut Teh etc which were well executed. There were these cooked Boston Lobsters that came out by the potful, and every table had plates piled high with those succulent creatures.

What stole the show had to be the grilled-to-order fresh seafood and steaks. This is where you get your money’s worth and you would not want to miss the Mongolian lamb chops. They were grilled to perfection, crusted with aromatic herbs and just brimming with flavour.

There is so much to see and do on Sentosa that I wish we were staying more nights. But we did manage to squeeze some time to experience the newly installed SensoryScape at Sentosa. It’s just across the road from Oasia Resort Sentosa. It is sort of like a long skywalk/boardwalk, where “guests are immersed in a nature-inspired soundscape, where interactive digital light art and augment reality ignite the sixth sense of imagination”. 
Don’t miss the ImagiNite which comes on daily at 7.50pm – 9.40pm, where you will be enchanted by sounds, scents and lights. It was a good way to wind down the day, strolling all the way from Imbiah Station (the start of SensoryScape) to Beach Station. We took the free SentosaExpress back to Imbiah Station and hopped back across the road.

Breakfast the next morning was at Bedrock Origin. I was a tad excited to be having a hotel breakfast at the renown restaurant, not quite the usual venue for a hotel breakfast I must say. It was an ala-carte breakfast so we each got to choose what we wanted to have.

The usual suspects such as English Breakfast or Pancakes/Waffles are all available on the menu. Each breakfast also comes with a small bowl of fruit salad, and self-service free flow tea/coffee/juice. I love the botanical-themed decor of the restaurant and hope to revisit it for lunch or dinner sometime soon.

After breakfast, we headed over to the wellness area to partake in a body scrub making class. Such wellness classes are available to those who book the Junior Suite or higher room categories but since I am reviewing the hotel as media, we were invited to join in as well. It was particularly fun for the kids as they had never done such an activity before.

They were really absorbed in scooping up the various ingredients to create the body scrub as well as sniffing the various essential oils and choosing the one they wanted. A nice souvenir to pack home and remember our short but sweet stay at Oasia Resort Sentosa.

*Thank you Oasia Resort Sentosa for hosting this wonderful staycation

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