Ikea’s Daim Chocolate Cake

Daim Chocolate Cake

One of my favourite chocolate cakes doesn’t come from a top notch hotel, nor does it cost a bomb. It’s super decadent and super chocolatey. There are crunchy bits of caramel at the top, followed by a layer of milk chocolate, followed by more layers of chocolate mixed with nuts. I don’t even know if this cake has any flour in it. Maybe it’s just a whole mish mash of chocolate, but it sure is good. This is a chocolate cake of substance!

You can get it at the Ikea Food Hall and the best part is it costs only $3.50!!! If you ask me, I’d vote this Ikea Daim Chocolate Cake as most value for money yet tasty chocolate cake around. To tell you the truth, to me, it tastes even better than chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate or Lana Cake Shop, and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy it. If you are an Ikea member, then your coffee or tea is free too! How’s that?

I have to admit, you have to navigate through the crowd of hungry and noisy diners at the Ikea Food Hall to enjoy this tasty treat. You could try going at around 3-4pm, when there is a lull, although this just means waiting for 5 minutes for a table instead of 15 minutes. The alternative option is to buy the entire cake of about 8 slices at the frozen section.

Has anyone tried buying the frozen Swedish and premixed sauce from the frozen section? Their meatballs taste so good at the Food Hall, but I’m not so sure about the frozen ones.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Looks good. Ikea has great food at great prices. I’ve tried their meatballs once and I loved the sauce (more than the meatballs itself). Hah.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I love meals at Ikea…especially when it’s not crowded, and now I want to try that cake 🙂 at the moment my favourite is the Sara Lee fudge cake but it’s hard to find. Definitely better than Lana’s or Awfully chocolate which taste more like light sponge with a gelatin like cream rather than the real solid fudge taste I crave. I even prefer the ones that you make with the White Wings cake mix.

  3. 365days2play says:

    Never understood the fuss about Lana or Awfully Chocolate, so totally agree with you! I’ve never had much success with cake mix for some reason. Where do you get your Sara Lee fudge cake?

  4. bookjunkie says:

    When I first tried Lana’s I liked it…but at the time I was deprived of good chocolate birthday cakes where you can have word iced on top. The Sara Lee Fudge Chocolate Cake was at a Cold Storage…..but not all the outlets have it. The cake mixes always turn out too dry, but the white wings one comes with a packet of fudge so it helps. Actually the fudge icing gives the cake the out of this world taste.

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