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Paradise Group Imperial Snowskin Mooncakes

*Invited Tasting*

While we’re all in the mooncake mood, here’s more mooncakes I tried from the Paradise Group.

Paradise Group Imperial Snowskin Mooncakes

Press Release:-

This year, Paradise Group has created a range of new mini snowskin mooncakes that are infused with delicate Oriental flavours which might once be enjoyed by Imperial courts in the ancient times. These colourful mini snowskin jewels are intricately handcrafted and come in four exquisite flavours such as Hakka Lei Cha in Pandan Snowskin that bears a distinctive nutty character and mild green tea-like sweetness, balanced with an aromatic pandan fragrance. There are also floral-tinged innovations like the Rose with Purple Glutinous Rice in Yam Snowskin, and Sweet Osmanthus in Osmanthus Snowskin. Those looking for a revitalising choice will be intrigued with the Red Dates with Wolfberries in Strawberry Snowskin mooncakes that leave a lingering sweet and fruity taste. Befitting royalty are the perpetual favourites of Imperial Mao Shan Wang Durian in Mango Snowskin mooncakes that are made with the highest grade of durian and encased within a smooth mango-scented snowskin. Paradise Group Imperial Snowskin Mooncakes (3)

These are packed in elegantly designed Chinese Imperial premium boxes that take inspiration from the current Year of The Dragon. Pricing as follows: –

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