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April 13, 2014

I haven’t had many opportunities to visit Scott’s Square, one of the newest kids on the block along Scotts Road so I was sure glad to be given the opportunity to review Arossa Wine & Grill. If this place sounds or looks vaguely familiar, that’s because they did a revamp of the restaurant and had a change of name from La Luna Rossa to Arossa Wine & Grill. The wooden floors and brick walls have been retained to exude the rustic charm.

Arossa Wine & Grill (2)

Pricing wise, Arossa caters mainly to the business crowd, what with the table cloths and wine glasses. Strangely though, there are attempts to appeal to the masses by doing away with napkins and also serving brunch on the weekends.

Arossa - Charcuterie of Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras Terrine, Proscuitto $32 (2)Charcuterie of Pate de Campagne, Foie Gras Terrine, Prosciutto $32

We started off our meal with this mouth-watering plate of chacuterie. Seeing slivers of ham, pate and terrines never fails to lift my mood up. It’s also a very good way to distract customers while they wait for the mains to be prepared. I particularly liked the Foie Gras Terrine, which went really well with the complimentary bread. Had to control myself or I would have eaten more and had no space for the mains. The Pate de Campagne was also quite interesting as it had nutty bits in it, something that is not too common.

Arossa - Pan Fried foie Gras with Caramelized Apple $30 (2)

Pan Fried foie Gras with Caramelized Apple $30

Anyone who knows me would know that I love foie gras. I have been trying to cut down by trying not to order it if possible, but if it’s served to me, I would think it a sin for it to go to waste. Thankfully, this piece here was shared between 3, The mouthful I had was divine, with such intense flavours and pillowy textures. I’m not entirely sure if the balsamic was necessary, but it didn’t detract from me enjoying this slice of heaven.

Arossa - Buffalo Mozzarella with Sicilian Tomato, Basil Pesto $25 (2)

Buffalo Mozzarella with Sicilian Tomato, Basil Pesto $25

Also known as Caprese, this is a wonderful dish to order if you want lighter and healthier tastes. The tomato slices were lusciously sweet and firm, and paired well with the mild buffalo mozzarella. Might go down well as a main dish if you’re eating this on your own.

Arossa - Oysters with Champagne Vinegar, Lemon 1pc $8, 6 pc $42 (2)

Oysters with Champagne Vinegar, Lemon 1pc $8, 6 pc $42

Plump and fresh tasting, the oyster slid down the throat easily. Not too sure if I would want to pay $8 per piece though.

Arossa - NZ Ribeye 100% Grass Fed 200g $42

NZ Ribeye 100% Grass Fed 200g $42

Alas, the Ribeye steak, supposed to be one of the highlights of the menu was overdone. All the dining companions agreed that the meat was on the tough side, and for a ribeye, which is my favourite cut, it was a disappointment.

Arossa - Spanish Iberian Pork Loin, 100% Acorn Fed 200g $38 (1)

Spanish Iberian Pork Loin, 100% Acorn Fed 200g $38

On the contrary, the pork loin was amazing. It was supremely tender, flavourful and with a nice sear on the outside. I had no qualms diving back in for seconds. I highly recommend any meat lovers out there to order this dish.

Arossa - Tiramisu made with sweet mascarpone & savioardi biscuit $14 (2)

Tiramisu made with sweet mascarpone & savioardi biscuit $14

And to end off the meal, a sweet tiramisu. I usually like plated tiramisus as I can flick off the half the cream and get straight to the liquored biscuit base. In this case, because the mascarpone was sweet and creamier tasting than usual, I finished my fair share of the dessert. Might have eaten a bit more than my fair share I think….

Arossa - Juices

Arossa (1)

Arossa (3)

Chef Chiaki Watanabe helms the kitchen at Arossa Wine and Grill. She has previously worked at restaurants such as the Padorino del Shozan, Lala Italiana and Hatake Aoyama over the years. You can get to see her in action at this open concept kitchen located right in the middle of the restaurant.

Check out the set lunches and brunch sets here. They seem pretty affordable starting from $28++.


Do check out Arossa this weekend 19 — 20 April 2014 to enjoy an Easter themed 4-course set lunch or dinner for $50+++ per person. Asparagus with poached egg will be served as starters, to keep in line with the Easter egg theme. For the mains, enjoy grilled lamb loin with rice salad. Finish off the Easter meal with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, all washed down with a cup of coffee or tea.

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Arossa Wine and Grill

Scotts Square (Net to Grand Hyatt Hotel)

6 Scotts Road, #02-01 Singapore 228209

Tel: 6636 2051

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