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Interesting Christmas Presents

Was at ToTT the other day, and I saw some interesting stuff which may make good presents aside from the usual Crabtree & Evelyn or BodyShop gifts?! Seriously, while I do know of a friend that loves the cookies and teas from Crabtree & Evelyn, I tend to have this impression that these 2 stores are the de facto places to go to where you have no idea what to buy and yet still want to buy something presentable. But the queues at Crabtree & Evelyn, have you seen them? The time spent queuing would be much better used by doing some research online to find out good gifts to give for Christmas!

Here are some gifts you can by from ToTT (Tools of the Trade by Siah Huat) for your baker wanna be friends!

ToTT (11)

How about an X-mas cupcake kit?

ToTT (12)

More cupcake kits… love the pretty cupcake cases! When I see pretty cupcake cases like these, I always have the urge to buy. After my wedding I guess, when I have more time to bake.

ToTT (2)

Cupcake cases for boys or the astronomy loving types…

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Dinner with The Baker

One of the best things that my Company ever did was to have a Buddy System. Every newcomer is assigned their very own Buddy, which of course is another staff that has been with the Company for a while. My assigned buddy when I first joined has long left. However, over the years, I have become the Buddy to several new staff. Not everyone likes this task, and sadly the last I heard, the system was due to be scrapped. I love it because I like making new friends, and I can understand that for a newcomer, having a special buddy makes for a less scary and faster integration into the company.

Look what my Buddy got for me for a particular momentous occasion? Love the present and adore the ribbon which was tied so beautifully by another colleague gifted with deft fingers.

Dinner with The Baker (2)

Ahem, does it look like a book signing session?

Dinner with The Baker

Dinner with The Baker, I really love cook books! Can’t ever have enough.

Dinner with The Baker (3)

My special buddy

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