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Oomphaticos at Tanglin Mall

Finally managed to make it to Oomphaticos after knowing of its existence for several years!!! From the minute I first saw it, I just knew that I would have to dine here some day. The decor is so quirky and inviting! I don’t believe I’ve seen a restaurant like that before! And don’t even get me started on the name, who on earth thought of this name?

We chose to sit “outside” on the Sunday afternoon we were here. It’s a passageway between Tanglin Mall and Traders Hotel, so you’re still shaded from While it’s not air-conditioned, you are still shaded from the sun. The area is so breezy, probably from the wind tunnel effect.

Oomphaticos Al-Fresco Seating

Mushroom Risoto (2) Mushroom Risoto

Oomphaticos - Fish & Chips (2)

Oomphaticos - Fish & Chips

Oomphaticos - Cod Fish (2)

Oomphaticos - Cod Fish

Oomphaticos - Sausage Risotto


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