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Zespri Kiwifruit Marinated Steak

Today marks the final day of the Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge. In a way, I feel a little sad because it was fun to be part of this Kiwi Challenge. Eating fruits can sometimes be mundane, but when a prize’s at stake, or simply when there’s competition, things spice up don’t they?

Never has eating Kiwifruit been so exciting for me until now. The Challenge has also opened my mind to various possibilities of incorporating the Kiwifruit in my diet. Although it’s perfectly fine to slice open a Kiwi and devour the flesh straight, I now know how to use the Kiwi as a marinade for my steaks or as a salsa to accompany the steak. I also know how to make Kiwi Pavlova, the 1st time I’ve ever tried making a Pavlova!

But I think most important of all, the Challenge has reminded me to have health at the top of my mind. A Kiwifruit a day is now my mantra and if I don’t, it just doesn’t feel right!

Zespri Kiwi Mountain

I will miss my little gold (and green) mine as the numbers dwindle…But I will feel happy knowing that they have been useful in nourishing me.

Kiwi Marinaded Steak

I shall end this post with a simple recipe for Super Tender Kiwi Marinated Steak. To make the marinade, all you need is the following ingredients:-

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Health mantras by 365days2play

While I’m on this healthy streak, I thought I should share my enthusiasm with you guys by posting some health tips you might like to follow.

Before I jump into the hard stuff, I’d like to tell you that I am a label reader, and I’ve always been so since I was a kid. My music school was right above a supermarket, and after class, I’d prowl the supermarket shelves, stalking the canned food or confectionary section. I’d actually read the ingredients and nutrition list. Don’t ask me why it’s so fascinating, but it just is. In fact, one of my dream jobs (still is!) is to work in a supermarket!

Anyway, the point is that when you read labels, you learn a lot more about the food you’re consuming. It just baffles me how easily people are fooled by the colourful words on the packaging, that are designed to make you think what THEY want you to think. Cereals for kids are the worst offender! But the truth is there for you to see, in the labels! For example, I once told a colleague to drink more fruit juice since he had come down with the flu. He dutifully went to 7-Eleven, and to my horror, bought a juice drink. Now when you see the word “juice drink”, rather than “juice” or “pure juice”, you know that it’s not pure. Many times it’s apple juice added, but in bad cases it’s sugar added. So he sipped on a sugary juice drink. Ah well, on to the mantras.

Eat 2 servings of fruit a day

So everyone has this vague idea that one should try and eat more fruits. The question is how much is enough? The answer is that you should eat at least 2 servings of fruit a day. And how much is 2 servings of fruit? 1 kiwi is about the size of 1 serving of fruit.


In a survey conducted by Zespri (the company that represents and markets NZ Kiwifruit), it was found that most Singaporeans aren’t getting at least 2 servings of fruit a day. At least more than 50% eat at least 1 serving of fruit a day. I certainly hope you’re not in the 8% that do not eat fruit at all! Two servings is the minimum btw, there are some health experts out there who say that you need to consume 9 servings per day! I think I’ll give myself a pat on the back if I can sustain 2 servings.

Not all fruits are created equal. Be kiasu, choose the best!


Okay you guys may think that I’m trying to hard sell the kiwifruit, but the facts are not fake. We should always eat a good variety of fruits for the various vitamins, but if you can only stomach a bit of fruit a day, go for the most power packed one!

Make your breakfast a nutritious one


You see, one excuse I have for not eating enough fruits is that after lunch or dinner, I’m just too full to eat anymore fruits. And believe it or not, I don’t snack all that much, yes it’s true lah! So actually, a good time to pack more fruits into my diet is to have fruit for breakfast.

In another survey conducted by Zespri, only 19% have fruits for breakfast, while a whopping 84% have bread, buns or biscuits. I don’t know about you but plain bread or bread with a sweetened spread is a definite NO NO for me for breakfast. The sugar from all the carbo hits me really hard and I literally feel like taking MC for the rest of the day.

So are you one of those that makes use of breakfast to jumpstart your day? Let’s ignore the survey that Zespri has done and conduct one ourselves. Fill in this survey and let me know what you have for breakfast!

Kiwi Blueberry Pavlova

After receiving the truckload of Kiwifruit from Zespri Singapore, it became apparent that simply eating 1 Kiwifruit a day would not suffice. Did you know that you are supposed to eat at least 9 servings of fruit a day in order to maintain optimum health? 1 serving is about the size of a Kiwifruit!

Seriously, I can’t envision myself downing 9 kiwis or other fruits every single day, in addition to eating my main meals. After wracking my brain for a while, I realised that the answer might be to incorporate the fruits themselves into the main meals. This way, you get your 9 servings without feeling like you’re on a mega fruit diet.

I don’t cook all that often but with the Kiwifruits all saying Hi every time I walked into the kitchen, I managed to summon up this recipe for a Pavlova. For those of you who don’t know, the Pavlova was invented in New Zealand! Wouldn’t you agree that it would be the perfect dish to incorporate my New Zealand Zespri Kiwifruit?!?!?!?!

For the record, prior to this, I have never ever baked a Pavlova before. In fact, I was warned that it is very difficult! But the reality couldn’t be further from that! It was really EASY PEASY. I got my recipe off Joy of Baking, which is a really useful baking website if you ever want to know more about the ins and outs of baking.

Kiwi Blueberry Pavlova (9)

Here’s a picture of the final Kiwi Blueberry Pavlova. I didn’t have any whipped cream, nor did I want to add more cream to this already sugar laden dessert so I made an impromptu Blueberry jam thingy to replace the cream. The whole combination of meringue, blueberry and kiwifruit tasted great! The tartness of the blueberries and the tanginess of the kiwifruit really helped to reduce the sweetness of the Pavlova. Asians tend to abhor Pavlovas because they can be too sweet (especially with the whipped cream and if you use sweet fruits like strawberries), but I think I can safely say that Kiwifruit and Blueberry would make a great topping that Asians would like. Scroll down for pictures of the baking process.

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Zespri Kiwifruit 14 Day Challenge Kick-off Dinner

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the next 14 days you are going to be inundated with kiwi delights (not the bird or the man, but the fruit) as I embark on Zespri’s 14 Day Daily Scoop Amazing Challenge.

Everyone knows the benefits of eating fruits, but did you know that Kiwifruits are one of the most nutrient dense fruits around? Kiwifruit has 5 times the nutrition of apples and contain twice the Vitamin C of Oranges! So the next time you fall ill, grab a kiwi instead of an orange! Don’t worry, I won’t drown you guys with too many facts (for now), although if you want to read up yourself you can definitely do so at For now, I’ll just share with you the wonderful kick-off dinner I had at The Living Cafe, courtesy of the good people of Zespri.

Oh just a short plug for The Living Cafe, they are into organic as well as raw food, prepared in a way that still makes the food taste great! Check out their menu here. Gotta bring my super healthy parents!

Zespri Kiwifruit Event -

Group photo after the amazing kiwi inspired and laden meal. I have to say, this is the 1st food blogger’s meal I have ever eaten where I didn’t feel sinful and guilty after gorging on the food! This is really the way to incorporate more healthy fruits into your diet in an interesting and fun way to eat. I mean we all know that we have to eat more fruits, but after our main meal, sometimes there just isn’t space for anything else. So the best way may just be to incorporate the fruits themselves into the main dishes!

Zespri Kiwifruit Event - Zespri Kiwifruit Event - Raw Bruschetta with Pesto and Kiwi Salsa

 Raw Bruschetta with Pesto and Kiwi Salsa

And you thought that bruschetta can only be made with bread and tomatoes.

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