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myVillage Mall at Serangoon Gardens


Finally had a chance to visit the myVillage mall at Serangoon Gardens yesterday, even though I have known of its existence 2 months back, and in fact, walked past it once. Was invited down by the mall management for a special blogger’s “get to know myVillage” session. The evening was amazing. myVillage really is a charming little mall with personality. The mall even has 2 mascots called Marley and Jules, inspired by the 2 adjoining roads Maju Avenue and Farleigh Road. I mean where else in Singapore can you find such a cute and interesting concept?

The owners of the mall wanted myVillage to blend in with the Serangoon Garden’s laid back vibe, and have people living near there feel as if this is an extension of their backyard. In this aspect, I think myVillage has done a wonderful job. Just look at the signage itself, can you see the words in there? These are handwritten “my”s by over a hundred people living or working in the area.

The roof top is lovely as well. At this point, it’s just wooden flooring and some plants but I think the management plan to install a seating area. From the roof, you can look out over the roofs of the houses nearby. The area is so peaceful, I wish I could have stayed up there longer, just to stare into the sky and imagine away.

I feel quite jealous of the people living near Serangoon Gardens! I want Bedok Point to be like this too! Where’s my property agent….


1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679


Finally made a trip down to Arbite after knowing about its existence for several months. It’s located at Serangoon Gardens. I can’t quite grasp Serangoon Gardens. It seems to want to be hip and young, which is why it has these cafes that appeal to the young. Yet dotted all over the place are old school coffee shops and shops you know have been operating there since forever. Well the new mall called My Village that is slated to open in Jan 2011 will surely take it up the modern ladder another rung.

Anyway, back to Arbite, it’s a small little cafe. If you click on the picture below, you will be able see the menu selections.

Arbite Menu

We were there just for drinks so we didn’t order anything else. The place is nice and cosy. You can choose from sofa seating, table seats and even high seats near the window. Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed with the drinks.

Arbite Latte

We ordered a flat white. Having been used to the quality of coffee from the likes of 40 Hands, Papa Palheta, The Plain and Chef Icon Nature Bakery, this was a big disappointment. It was so bitter, no amount of sugar could save it. I can’t say what caused it to be bad, I just know if I taste coffee like this, I won’t ever come back a second time because I know I can get something I like elsewhere.

Arbite Iced Chocolate

Arbite Iced Coffee

















The iced chocolate I ordered was not that good either. At first, when it arrived, it looked thick and chocolatey. And with such a huge glass, I thought I was in for a good time. Unfortunately, once again it was a disappointment. I chugged in the entire jug of sugar syrup and still, it would not taste better.

Arbite Sofa Seats

Stairway to Arbite

Conclusion: Definitely won’t return for the drinks again. The people having lunch there seem to be enjoying their lunch so perhaps Arbite’s strengths are in their cooked food.


66A Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555962.

Tel: 62870430
Tue – Fri, 1130 am – 10.30 pm, Sat – Sun 1100 am – 10.30 pm.

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