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I love Thunder Tea Rice

 December 08 (061)

Have you ever tried Thunder Tea Rice, also known as Lei Cha Fan? I think a lot of people are scared off by the 7 different types of vegetables there. There’s beancurd, peanuts, cabbage, green vegetable I don’t know the name of, and some star shaped looking vegetable. The only non vegetable thing there is the anchovies. And then there’s also the swamp thing green soup, which is actually mint soup. Both the rice and the soup are really tasty. In fact, it’s so tasty to me, I wonder if it is really healthy. I know there are several places that offer this dish, but I mainly go to the Suntec Food Republic since that’s the most convenient place for me, especially after gym sessions.

I love Canele!

Croque Madame

I don’t know about you all, but I go weak at the knees when I see an egg like that. I can’t even remember what the name of this sandwich is, I believe it’s the Croque Madame with ham and Gruyere Cheese. So satisfying and filling. Comfort food at its best! I like to go to the Raffles City Shopping Centre branch, get one of their cushion seats and just watch the world go by, perhaps with a pot of tea as well.

~Update 23 May 2010~

Canele at Raffles City is currently closed. In fact, half the restaurants at Raffles City basement are closed for some sort of renovations. It is scheduled to be reopened in September 2010. As to whether Canele has closed down for good at Raffles City, or only temporarily, is anyone’s guess. Click here for Canele’s website.

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