Desperation leads to innovation – When in doubt, eat junk food first!

May 18, 2010

Wanting to be on the healthy diet roll, plus the fact that I didn’t really feel very hungry, I didn’t eat much for dinner, just over half a bowl of rice plus some fried vegetables. I was full, but I didn’t feel complete. I needed some snacks. I think most girls crave chocolate, but when I crave snacks, I crave savoury salty food.

No snacks, NO SNACKS! Eat the guava in the fridge. I did, and got hungry again within 5 seconds. Sometimes, I think if I’m going to end up eating the junk food, I shouldn’t go load up on the healthy food before that, because that just means more calories, doesn’t it? So when in doubt, eat junk food first!

But the problem was, there wasn’t a single junk food type food in my house! There were some chocolate bars but I wasn’t craving chocolate at all. The thing that is most difficult to find in my house! Not when you have parents that are able to keep their fridge and kitchen free of such things.


So in the end, I improvised. Parmesan cheese on crackers. Desperation drove me to it, but I must say, it works!!!! The saltiness of the cheese, plus the carbohydrates of the crackers, I feel so satisfied now!!!

Ok Survivor is back. Chat again later!

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