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Wild Honey Cafe @ Mandarin Gallery

Wild Honey Brownie

And while we are on the topic of cakes, we had a most delicious piece of brownie the other day at Wild Honey Cafe. Although I said I like the chocolate cake at Shots Cafe very much the last time, this one is EVEN BETTER, because the brownie comes with a little cup of creamy milk.

This is the 1st time that I have ever been served milk to go with the brownie. It’s not cream because it’s not thick enough, yet it’s not plain milk because that would be too thin. Whatever the case, the creamy milk and the brownie was just a match made in heaven. I dunk the ENTIRE jug of milk onto the brownie and shovelled up all the chocolatey goodness. If ever you need some cheering up, this has got to take the cake, pun intended. I liked that the outside of the brownie was a little bit crusty while the inside was still moist and rich.

At $6+, I’m definitely coming back for more brownie. Breakfast wise, I think more value for money options can be found. To be continued….

Wild Honey Cafe

#03-02, Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore

Tel: 6235 3900

Open: 9am – 10.30pm everyday, 8am Saturdays & Sundays

Orange Marmalade and Chocolate Chip Cake

Orange and Chocolate Chip Cake

I made this cake for Christmas Eve dinner. If I may say so, I think this is the prettiest cake I have made to date. My parents and the Partner all said it tasted wonderful. I totally regret not having taken a picture of the entire cake! The cake was pretty easy to make too. I had a few naked oranges with me after using their zest for the earlier orange and almond cake (the farewell cake). This orange marmalade cake uses orange juice instead of zest. The original recipe called for self-raising flour and baking powder, but I used stiff egg whites instead. I love beating egg whites to stiff peaks!

Wonder if anyone wants to buy my orange marmalade and chocolate chip cake for Chinese New Year?

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