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Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Found this restaurant “near” to my office. Well, near enough if 10 minutes walk is considred near, 5 minutes of which were under the hot sun. Seriously, the sun at City Hall isn’t that hot! (okay I know City Hall is shaded)

The place looks pretty authentic. The chef is Japanese and the wasabi here is the real kind, not the pasty kind you get at the cheap chains. During the lunch hour, they offer 3 types of daily set lunches as well as the perennial set lunches.

Himawari - Sashimi Rice box

Sasmhimi rice box with udon $21 – This is only available on Fridays. Love the very generous and huge slices of fish. My favourite is undoubtedly the swordfish, followed by salmon. They are quite obliging in substituting the types you don’t want with the types you want.

Himawari - Sashimi Rice box (2)

Look how fresh and huge they are!

Himawari - Grilled Cod FishCod fish set $18 – $20 (can’t remember!) Available every weekday.

Himawari also offers ala – buffets at about $33/pax for lunch. Dinner is slightly more expensive. With the fish tasting this good, I really want to go for the buffet! My colleague’s husband tried it recently and proclaimed the buffet to be quite good!

Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Tel: 6272 1100      Email:

Alexandra Road Branch – 991B Alexandra Road, Blk 4, #01-08/09 Singapore 119970

Changi Branch – 1 Changi Business Park Crescent, #02-19 (Plaza 8) Singapore 486025

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Coolest Office ever!

I just had to share these photos with you. This is an architecture firm’s office in Spain. Is this just so pretty or what? It almost makes doing “over-time” a fun activity. Talk about making a statement, this would definitely be the way to do it.

See more of the pictures at ArchDaily, the world’s most visited architecture website. I’m amazed at the number of eye-catching buildings in the world? Can we hire some of these architects for Singapore? Shenton Way is looking quite mundane with all the newest office towers either using blue glass or green glass!

I used to think that our beautiful colonial buildings should not be torn down to be replaced by yet another modern monstrocity, but now….perhaps if they were replaced with these futuristic wonders….but then again, we have enough drab and meaningless buildings so those should go first.

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