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National Day Fireworks 2013!

I was very very lucky last week to be able to catch the National Day Fireworks up close and personal! I’ve watched the National Day Parade a few times actually, but this is the 1st time ever that I didn’t have to squeeze in with the massive crowd because the Partner booked a room at the Pan Pacific Hotel! The most amazing thing is that when he booked it, he had just wanted us to have a staycation to relax. But of course, the Singaporean in me immediately connected SATURDAY staycation with FIREWORKS!

The staycation at Pan Pacific Singapore was amazing, not just because of the Fireworks, but also because we had club room access! More about that in my future post, but suffice to say that a staycation is not complete without club room access! Trust me, it is well worth the extra money paid!

National Day Parade (5)

View of the Marina Bay Harbour from my Pacific Harbour King room at Pan Pacific Singapore. I was on the 33rd floor! It was quite scary to take the bubble lift up all the way, and the bubble lift faces outside too!

National Day Parade (13)

We found it amusing to know that we could see the Floating Platform stage from our room. I guess this is a sure-win way to get yourself tickets to the National Day Parade huh. And in air-conditioned comfort too. Just like VIP access!

National Day Fireworks (2)

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