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Zafferano – Amazing Burrata, Amazing Steak

*Media Invite*

I’ve been wanting to visit Zafferano for the longest time since they opened at the top of Ocean Financial Tower. Booked it once for Restaurant Week to go with my BFF, but for some reason we were too busy and couldn’t make it in the end. It’s been on my radar ever since so I was really happy to receive an invitation from Zafferano to try out some dishes on their menu.

02 - Main dining area 1

It was a pity I couldn’t arrive before it got dark, because the place is breath-taking! The night views are still awesome, but I wish I could have a look to see what it looks like during the daytime. Judging from these photos provided by Zafferano, it must have been wonderful.

07 - Wine Room

We had our lovely dinner tasting inside the private Wine Room. As you can see, it is glass walled for the most part, with the wine bottles acting like the decor. Tastefully done I must say. I’m always on the look out for the best private rooms in Restaurants so that I can give my father good suggestions for his next company / client dinner. One thing’s for sure, the room is very well enclosed such that when the doors are shut, you can hardly hear the bustle of the restaurant.

Zafferano - Burrata pomodorini datterini e basilico (Premium burrata with tomatoes and basil $20 (2)

Burrata pomodorini datterini e basilico (v)
Premium burrata with datterini tomatoes and basil $20

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DBS Travel Insurance Plan–TravellerShield

I was at Ngee Ann City today for a spot of shopping and guess what I found?

Monster Shot

Apparently there is this new travel insurance plan by DBS called TravellerShield. You can find out more about TravellerShield here or watch a video here Most travel insurance plans in the market are largely the same, with the differences being in the fine print. The interesting thing about this new TravellerShield is that you can sign up for the free exclusive new benefit called the TravelAlert Service.  It is only available to those who purchase TravellerShield.

If you sign up for it, you will receive safety and security related information about your travel destination via SMS alerts. These alerts cover situations or incidents listed below that may affect your travel plans.

  • Political unrest, war and terrorism
  • Extreme weather, earthquakes and natural disasters
  • Public transportation delays, riot, strikes
  • Health related information like outbreaks and contamination

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