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OH! Open House

I was invited to go for the OH! Open House this year and when I saw that it involved the opportunity to step into various corporate offices like Deutsche Bank and Google in the Shenton Way district, I quickly signed up for it. Well it’s not that I am hard up to see what these offices look like, I’ll admit that I am a bit curious about the environs that other people work in, but it was an opportunity for me to get a bird’s eye view of Shenton Way and Marina Bay from up above. The last time I was working in Shenton Way was quite some years ago and the views have completely changed.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I saw on the tour. Won’t post up too many pictures or it’ll spoil the plot.

OH! Open House

This is the 20 year old artist that came up with this artwork

OH! Open House (11)

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