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Marks & Spencer British Goodies

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for all things British! I love the country, I love London, I love the quaint countryside, I love the British cooks  (Nigella, Jamie, Hugh Fearnley). Three times I’ve been to the UK for holidays, and I still yearn to go back again. I have also been to New Zealand 3 times, and next week will be the 4th trip. But I always tell the kiwi Partner that the grass in England is greener. Serious!

Did you manage to catch the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on TV? My parents were glued to the TV even until past midnight! Such is the fascination for the British Royal family, who aren’t related to us in any way! The Partner likes to tell me that he has royal blood, but what’s the use of that if he can’t show me my room in the castle?

Anyway, one place in Singapore you can indulge in a bit of British is at Marks & Spencer. I love it when it’s Easter and Christmas. All their goodies are packaged so nicely and always so festive looking. This time round, thanks to the Queen’s Jubilee and the upcoming London Olympics, Marks & Spencer has also churned out quite a few new British treats.

Marks & Spencer - Family Biscuits for Tea (2)

These Family biscuits for tea were going at $37. My GUY friend was lusting over these tins for the last 1 week and he finally succumbed to buying one today. It certainly is a pretty tin but is it worth $37?

Marks & Spencer - Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops

Something cheaper if you still want to buy something. Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops. Great fun for wearing too. Like so.

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Willie’s Wonky Chocolate

Jun 10, 2010 @ 21.33

Willie Harcourt Cooze’s chocolate is finally available in Singapore! If you’ve heard of or watched the show Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory on Discovery Channel, you’ll know what I am talking about. This guy had a big dream to sell good quality chocolate in the UK because he felt he couldn’t find any. He bought a farm in Venezuela at the age of 27, basically learnt everything from scratch, and after more than 10 years of hard work, he’s finally reaping the rewards. Willie insists on roasting his own beans because that’s where he can bring out the individual flavours of the beans.

He has 3 kids. I think it’s any kids dream to be able to own a chocolate factory (especially one with a chocolate river in it). Lucky them.

The 100% Cacao chocolate is available at Jones the Grocer for SGD$28 for each 180gm chocolate cylinder. If you are willing to wait, it is possible to order them online from Willie’s Chocolate Shop. They cost only 5.99 pounds each and another 4.89 pounds for shipping up to 250gm. That’s a grand total of 10.88 pounds. Given the SGD Pound exchange rate today, you would be paying about SGD$23. If you’re buying only 1 cylinder, it may not be worth the effort to save SGD$5. However if you’re buying more, the shipping charges become more affordable, so go online. And let me know if you do, I might buy some too. 🙂

Meanwhile, where’s that Cadbury’s I left behind the sofa….

100% Cacao Cylinders 100% Cacao Cylinders

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