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June 16, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for all things British! I love the country, I love London, I love the quaint countryside, I love the British cooks  (Nigella, Jamie, Hugh Fearnley). Three times I’ve been to the UK for holidays, and I still yearn to go back again. I have also been to New Zealand 3 times, and next week will be the 4th trip. But I always tell the kiwi Partner that the grass in England is greener. Serious!

Did you manage to catch the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on TV? My parents were glued to the TV even until past midnight! Such is the fascination for the British Royal family, who aren’t related to us in any way! The Partner likes to tell me that he has royal blood, but what’s the use of that if he can’t show me my room in the castle?

Anyway, one place in Singapore you can indulge in a bit of British is at Marks & Spencer. I love it when it’s Easter and Christmas. All their goodies are packaged so nicely and always so festive looking. This time round, thanks to the Queen’s Jubilee and the upcoming London Olympics, Marks & Spencer has also churned out quite a few new British treats.

Marks & Spencer - Family Biscuits for Tea (2)

These Family biscuits for tea were going at $37. My GUY friend was lusting over these tins for the last 1 week and he finally succumbed to buying one today. It certainly is a pretty tin but is it worth $37?

Marks & Spencer - Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops

Something cheaper if you still want to buy something. Milk Chocolate Rosette Lollipops. Great fun for wearing too. Like so.

Marks & Spencer (7)

VIP, if I say so myself.

Marks & Spencer - Family Biscuits for Tea

This was what was inside the Family Biscuits for tea tin. About 3 or 4 pieces per flavour. For $37, you could probably get many more biscuits if you get them in the normal packaging. Guess the money goes into the novelty of owning the pretty box. But seriously, don’t you feel like going on a picnic when you see these nibbles? I really could do with a picnic. That would be so British!

Marks & Spencer - Alcohol

They already know what people like me are up to, so they’ve even prepared wine glasses for sale. $4 only and made of glass. Cheap enough to buy on a whim. I love the pink capped bottle!

Marks & Spencer - Alcohol (2)

And if you don’t even want the hassle of dealing with the wine bottles, just get this rose in a plastic cup! Wow, imagine if you have this for your picnic. It will be transformed from a sweaty Singaporean picnic into an atas tai tai chit chat session!

Marks & Spencer - Jam Sandwich Creams

The jam sandwich creams are my favourite cookies at Marks & Spencer. Love the sweet sticky jam encased in between 2 pieces of shortbread type cookies. Really delicious! Pile these high on a plate and you would have a nice looking dessert platter!

Marks & Spencer - Biscuits Galore

But there’re actually so many more to choose from. And quite cheap too..usually about $3 or less.

Marks & Spencer - English Breakfast Tea, Strawberry Conserve, Seville Marmalade & Egg Cup & Cosy

And not forgetting the jams and marmalade to go along with the English Breakfast tea?

Marks & Spencer - Family Biscuits for Tea  (2)To end off the post, picture of a very happy customer.

Ok, so who’s up for a picnic at the Botanic Gardens with me?


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  1. This is such a lovely post about all things british. The idea of a picnic is alluring however under the hot tropical sun…. I think I would be sweating before I can set the picnic basket down. Hahaha.

  2. One day when you have that cafe open, come up with an airconditioned area for picnic or at least a tented area with fans. Customers actually pay you for the space, food and picnic mats etc haha.

    • Without the rolling hills or seaside view, it just sounds like a cafe without chairs and tables!

  3. Ever since I was back from the UK for my company training last year, I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy from the M&S local stores :p It was mostly like the ntuc fairprice there

    • I know!! Well maybe not NTUC but Jasons or Cold Storage??? Still it’s the cheapest way to enjoy some British stuff. It’s just like how people flock to Zara, Mango and Massimo Dutti when they are the equivalent of G2000 and Giodano in their home countries! And should I even mention that Volkswagen is just an average brand in Germany?

  4. What a thorough review you’ve written here. The food photos you have uploaded here are great. I’ll bookmark this page to return from time to time for more of your adventure stories in different countries.

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