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Berthold Delikatessen – Hidden gems at Arcade @ Capitol Kempinski

It’s unbelievable how crowded everywhere is on the weekends when we are supposed to be practicing social distancing. It’s like being let out of a two month jail sentence (circuit breaker) and we’re trying to catch up on lost time. Recession, job cuts, what recession?

Anyway, I was supposed to meet a couple of friends at Clinton Street Baking Co along Purvis street last Saturday. Lest you think I’m calling the kettle black, this was the first time I was out in town on a weekend. But due to a botched up booking, we had to quickly scramble for a new place to have lunch. But where, because every potential cafe would surely be fully booked, especially given a lower seating capacity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arcade at Capitol Kempinski

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I was at Raffles City so I kinda found myself gravitating towards Capitol Kempinski, while my friends who had already arrived at Clinton Bakery started throwing up other alternatives. Luckily I remembered that there is this chic stretch directly next to the Capitol Theatre that usually has a low footfall. This place is called Arcade @ Capitol Kempinski. It’s actually an extension of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore.

On hindsight, no wonder the place looks so sophisticated. I’ve always thought that this place deserved more airtime. The area exudes a contemporary yet slightly whimsical vibe, thanks in part to a balcony overhang seating area for each restaurant. So much potential!

Better yet, the prices of the restaurants here are very attractive! There are 7 restaurants here. Each of them feature a weekday set lunch. For example, La Scarla Ristorante has a set lunch promo going at $19 for a 2-course meal. That’s a very affordable price for a prime location like this. Unfortunately, because of the upscale decor, most people shy away from Capitol thinking that it would be expensive to dine here. Certainly that was the first reaction from my friends when I suggested this place.  Doesn’t help too that it’s slightly hidden from the main road, and I don’t recall seeing any marketing of this place.

Berthold Delikatessen

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Map of what to eat and do around City Hall


The Partner’s sister is in town and staying in the City Hall area. The last time they were here I was busy preparing for the wedding. So I was quite appalled to hear that they were eating breakfast daily at Spinelli! I’m like YOU SPENT $10 on a generic sandwich there when you could have gotten much better at the independent cafes and sandwich shops??! So I’m making sure that no such thing happens again, no way, not anyone remotely related to a food blogger!

So here’s a list of nice cafes and good eats around the City Hall / Raffles City area. I’ve only listed my personal favourites or places where I would recommend. This is a really good location to stay at if you’re looking for good hotels in Singapore as the red coloured building in the map is the City Hall MRT interchange station. The City Hall area is also known as the heritage/ museum district, with quite a number of museums within walking distance! The oldest church in Singapore, the Armenian Church is also 10 mins walk away!

When in Singapore, you must try out the local coffee and our favourite breakfast, snack and supper all rolled into one, the ubiquitous KAYA TOAST. Apart from being available at all coffee shops and food courts, my favourites are from Yakun Kaya Toast and ToastBox.

~~~Good Eats in City Hall~~~
  1. Soho Coffee – good coffee here and western dishes.
  2. Funan Digital Mall
    • Yakun Kaya Toast (1st Floor) – My favourite local coffee, soft boiled eggs, and kaya toast
    • Paradise Inn (2nd Floor) – Good and pretty affordable Chinese restaurant.
  3. The Adelphi
    • Stall selling cheap fruit juice. 1st floor down the back end
  4. Raffles City Shopping Centre
    • Tiong Bahru Bakery (Basement) – Good coffee, croissants, pastry, squid ink sandwich
    • Cedele (Basement) – Healthy sandwiches, organic coffee, bread loaves
    • Canele (Basement) – Decadent and pretty cakes
    • Yakun Kaya Toast (Basement)– My favourite local coffee, soft boiled eggs, and kaya toast
    • ToastBox (Basement) – Good Local coffee and cheap tea cakes for $1.40
    • BreadTalk (Basement) – Bread buns with various fillings
    • Din Tai Fung (Basement) – Really good steamed pork dumplings known as Xiao Long Bao, from Taiwan
    • McDonalds (1st floor) – Self explanatory
    • Food court on 3rd floor – worth a visit
  5. Raffles Hotel
    • Royal China (3rd Floor) – One of my favorite places to have Yum Cha / Dim Sum
  6. Chijmes – Lots of restaurants here
    • Chinese, Italian, Western, Pubs, all available here. Budget $25 and above for mains usually.
    • Lei Garden (ground floor) – One of my favorite places for Yum Cha and Double Boiled Soup!
~~~What to do near City Hall~~~

Museums within walking distance of City Hall MRT Station

    • National Museum of Singapore
    • Singapore Art Museum
    • Peranakan Museum
    • Philatelic Museum
    • Fire Station Museum

Good Buys

    • Cameras – John 3:16 at Funan Mall (2)
    • Children’s Clothes – Robinsons or speciality children stores at Raffles City (4)
    • Really cheap bakeware – Sunlik Trading at Purvis Street which is 2 or 3 streets behind Raffles hotel, not in this map.

If you want to look for cheap food around City Hall, you can check out this article I wrote 3 years ago. It should still be fairly accurate.

Cheap eats around City Hall

Map of cheap eating places around City Hall area

It’s hard to have a cheap meal when you are in town because food establishments are usually overpriced there. However, it’s not impossible if you know where to go. Here are my suggestions on cheap places to eat at in Cityhall. Click on the map if you want to view a larger version.

1. Singapore Management University Koufu Food Court – The map says Li Ka Shing Library, but if you take the escalator down, or if you enter by the Lee Kong Chean School of Business and take the escalator down (both are accessible to the public), you will be able to access the Koufu Food court. Try the coffee at the drinks stall. A kopi costs only $0.80 and a kopi with ice costs only $1.10. They also have coffee bun sets that come with 2 soft-boiled eggs. You can ask for the eggs to be changed to 1 bun if you desire. The coffee bun set costs about $2.30 only!

2. Hog’s Breath at Chijmes – Doesn’t strike as a cheap place to eat, however during the lunch hours, they have a special lunch menu where you can have their signature prime rib set lunch at only $21.90. It comes with a regular slab of prime rib, plus soup and dessert! Now is that a good deal or what? And if you come on Mondays, they have a 1 for 1 promotion.

3. Peninsula Plaza – Once again, if you take the escalators down to the basement, you will find a mish mash of of very affordable cafes. There is a Myanmar cafe, and Indian restaurant, a Thai Cafe and a food court like place but with individual seating areas for each stall….The cheapest thing there as far as I can see is the cai fan (mixed rice) stall. 2 vegetables and 1 meat costs only $2.80 as compared to the Raffles City food court which charges over $4 for the same combination.

4. Funan The Digital Life Mall – There is a Food Junction food court on the 5th floor, with the usual selections. Only problem is, there is no cai fan stall. There are also several other restaurants at Funan, such as TCC, Sakae Sushi, A Roy Thai, Paradise Inn, Bishamon Ramen, but of course these are at restaurant prices and not so cheap.

5. YY Kafeidian at the end of Purvis Street – Cheap coffee and tea. Refer to my previous post for more information

6. Ah Teng Bakery at Raffles Hotel – Okay disclaimer. This is not a cheap place to eat. However, it is one of the cheaper places to eat within Raffles Hotel, if you want to be seen eating at Raffles Hotel. Ah Teng Bakery, apart from selling some baked goods, actually is a restaurant selling local dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Hor Fun, Lamb Curry etc. These cost more than $10, which means they are local dishes at restaurant prices. And here’s the clincher. The most expensive teh tarik in Singapore! I once had teh tarik at Ah Teng, it cost $4.50!!!! It was a very good glass of teh tarik, and I did not waste a single drop, naturally. Still, $4.50 is okay to pay if you want to “relax” at Raffles Hotel right????

7. Raffles City – KIV. Will write another post about this soon.

8. Capitol Building – Cheap Hainanese Chicken rice. $5 for Roast Chicken thigh rice with a serving of gizzards.

9. The Adelphi – Hardly anybody goes here without any reason because the Adelphi has mostly hi-fi shops and some spa and camera shops. Tucked right at the back of the 1st floor, there is a tiny store not much bigger than 1 or 2 hdb rooms, selling cai-fan (mixed rice). 2 vegetables and 1 meat costs only $2.80. For the meat, I suggest you select their house speciality chicken cutlet. The food is really very good and tastes like the home-cooked type. I used to come here almost every day. Add a drink and the total cost is $3.50. I heard that the cut fruits sold there are the cheapest in the vicinity. There is a long queue just to buy the fruits. Don’t come here with a big group for lunch, coz there are only 5 or 6 tables there. But people are friendly and will share seats with strangers easily because everyone knows the place is very cramped. Just don’t wear your best shirt here because there can be accidents.

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