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Chock Full of Beans

New cafes have been opening by the dozen that I can hardly keep up with the sampling. It’s no longer surprising to hear of yet another new kid on the block. The good thing is that these “New Generation Cafes” are being opened by people who are really passionate about what they do. And when there is passion, there is quality and value. I would not hesitate to visit any of these New Generation Cafes as more likely than not, I’m going to be enjoying the freshly brewed single-origin coffees and food made with wholesome ingredients.

Interesting though, that most of these cafes choose to either open in the Central part of Singapore (ie Shenton Way, Robertson Quay, Dempsey) or the once old now renewed Tiong Bahru area. What’s wrong with the East, people? There’s still lots of space in Siglap, Katong, Simpang Bedok and Eastwood!

Well, one cafe called Chock Full of Beans has started operations in Changi Village. I consider Changi Village to be in the East, so hooray for that, although technically speaking, Changi Village is so far east that it would be equidistant for me to drive to Bugis instead. Anyway, I thought I should show my support for Eastie cafes so I dragged the Parents and Partner along to give it a try 2 days before Chinese New Year.

Chock Full of Beans - Mango and Bacon Pizza

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