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Hay Dairies

Did you know there is an Italian Organic dairy farm in Singapore? It’s TRUE!!! Well I tried to search for it on Monday. Vaguely remembered it to be located at Lim Chu Kang. Alas, just could not find it so to make the most of the cross country travel, we stopped by at Hay Dairies instead to see the cute goats.

TO MY HORROR, we are no longer allowed to feed or hug the goats!!!!!! I recall visiting twice previously. All we had to do was pay $2 for the goat feed, and then we are let loose amongst the pens. The goats are still within the pens but they stick their little heads out to grab at the goat feed. Apparently, AVA considers this to be a health hazard and has put in place a ban for the last THREE years! Seriously, my first thought was that we are just going way overboard with all these precautions. The lady manning the cashier ( I think she owns the place) nodded sadly at me in agreement. I still have the photo of myself feeding a goaty 5 years ago 🙁

Still, we can walk past the pens and wave madly at the goats. They really are smart creatures and will look at you to see what you are up to. In India and lots of other places, goats are sometimes treated as pets! I definitely want to have a pet goat when I grow up.

If you desperately need a dose of goat hugging, you can trying going to the LA Goat Farm in Kluang, Malaysia (approx 2 hrs away from Singapore)

Hay Dairies

Hay Dairies (3) Hay Dairies (5) Hay Dairies (6)

Yes I know, I feel like that too sometimes. Stuck in a cage with no where else to go but to grit my teeth and not get shit upon.

Hay Dairies (9) AVA says NO caressing the goats!

Are you serious????

Hay Dairies (10)

$2 per bottle of milk. Lots of people can’t stand the goaty taste. I think it’s just a mindset you need to get over. After half a cup, you’ll be downing the whole bottle and installing a goat in your house.

Hay Dairies (8)

The long walk….

Kranji Countryside Map

Hay Dairies is part of the Kranji Countryside. If you’ve never explored this wonderful part of Singapore, you’re really missing out!

Biker Kitty

Biker Kitty disapproves of my encroaching into her personal space.

Hay Dairies

No. 3 Lim Chu Kang, Agrotech Park Lane 4

Singapore 718859

Kluang LA Goat Farm

As part of the Zenxin Organic Park Tour package, we got to visit the LA Goat Farm in Kluang. For me, this was one of the highlights of the trip because I just LOVE farm animals! The goats were so cute, especially the baby goats!!! Furry and fluffy, I just wanted to keep on hugging them! Several of the little ones were on the loose roaming around. I suspect they are small enough to get through the enclosures that keeps the adults in. Yay for me because see no touch is a hard thing to do when they are so ADORABLE!!!!

I know we have a Hay Dairies in Singapore where you can see goats as well. I’ve been to Hay Dairies several times but unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to carry a baby goat there before.

Apart from petting and hugging the goats, we also tried our hands at milking the mother goats as well as bottle feeding the kids.

LA Goat Farm (4)

This little one was a little wobbly on his legs after being carried for a while by me.

LA Goat Farm (3)

Hungry goats

LA Goat Farm (2)

The grooves allow for the poo to drop down and out of the enclosure. Goat’s poo are round like marbles and dry looking…

LA Goat Farm

Nowadays the kids start young.

LA Goat Farm (5)

Don’t ask me what those 2 are doing. And the old uncle in the checkered shirt is the boss of LA Goat Farm.

Lavendale Farm

Here are some pictures taken during our stay at Lavendale Farm, 10 minutes from York and about 1.5hrs from Perth, Australia. We had a really wonderful stay here. It was a pity we only managed to stay for 1 day. The Red Room we had was spacious and furnished nicely. They also have an electric blanket, which is something I always look forward to especially when my toes are half frozen. Unfortunately, as usual, I only ever remember to take a photo of the rooms only after we have messed them up. Go to the Lavendale Farm website for more pictures and information.

Lavendale - House Picture of the main house. We booked the only guestroom in the main house. They also have standalone cottages for hire. See where the chairs are? We almost sat there for breakfast but it was just so windy that day it was almost impossible to keep the table cloth down. Would have been lovely to take in the views of the farm while dining.

Lavendale Farmland (4)

Took a morning stroll around the property to work up an appetite before breakfast.

Lavendale - Breakfast (2)

Lavendale - Breakfast (3)

Cooked breakfast provided! Yum yum yum. Can’t beat fresh eggs for breakfast!

Lavendale - Breakfast (4)

We did manage to sit at a table on the side of the house where the winds weren’t so strong. Coffee was very nice too!

Lavendale - Breakfast

The kitty cat decided to drop by for breakfast too. She doesn’t like bacon.

Lavendale - Pigs

There’s Merv giving the pet piggies their favourite tummy rubs

Lavendale Farmland

The alpacas frolicking around in the sun. I really like alpacas, they look so intelligent! They are inquisitive and can get jealous if you ignore them! I’ll post more alpaca pictures when I get all my pictures sorted.

Lavendale Farmland (2) Lavendale Farmland (3) 

Katherine Jane and Merv Taylor, Lavendale Farm
5895 Great Southern Highway, Gilgering via York, WA
Postal: PO Box 758, York WA 6302

Phone: 08 9641 4131
Mobile: 0422 168 848

From outside Australia
Phone: +618 9641 4131
Mobile: +61 422 168 848


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