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Cook for Family Initiative

As part of the Cook for the Family Initiative started by Daniel of DanielFoodDiary, I managed to roll up my sleeves to cook for the Partner last weekend. He’s normally the one who takes care of all the hot kitchen items, meaning the main meals, while I am in charge of the cold kitchen, aka desserts. Which really means that we have our dinner without dessert most of the time…

He was ill last week, which meant that I couldn’t procrastinate anymore. I may be quite confident when it comes to baking, because I’ve gone to baking school, but I get all nervous and irritable when it involves vegetables and meat. In fact, it’s a wonder why this is the case if you go by the number of cooking shows I watch!

I think this #CookforFamily Initiative is a great idea, and stemmed from the worry that we food bloggers might just be spending too much time dining and wining outside while neglecting to spend time eating with our family. This is our way to show our family members that we still care, via action and not just words.

This is what I cooked for the Partner. It’s definitely no Kylie Kwong or Jamie Oliver. But it was edible, healthy (relatively) and affordable. Better still, it’s kind of made me want to cook again.

Cook for Family - Fried egg with lightly fried vegetables

Tada! Fried egg with diced cauliflower, baby corn, onions and loads of garlic in pork stock.

I don’t even think I need to post a recipe, cuz my job was basically chopping up all the ingredients, and making sure they didn’t burn while frying them. The pork stock was made by the Partner a while back and frozen in little packets for such a purpose.

Enjoy the photos below. I really salute bloggers who are able to cook, plate beautifully and take great photos. I have no patience for taking good photos when I’m cooking as it just takes took long and I don’t have a nice table. I am told by the seasoned cook bloggers that it’s hard when you first start out but becomes a cinch after a while. Okay I’ll try again another time, perhaps when I get the plating right!

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Tea Cosy at Plaza Singapore

Interesting that this place still exists still. I’d thought it would be long gone, but Steph from The Girl at the Traffic Light Junction reminded me that Tea Cosy still exists.I find it quite weird and I can’t really put my finger to it. I dined here once, about 5 years ago. Then, the cafe part of Tea Cosy was but a small portion of the entire store. It was as if you had walked into a tiny vintage knickknack and bookstore, and suddenly huddled behind the shelves are people sipping tea!

I guess the vintage knickknack business didn’t go too well for as you can see it’s mostly cafe now, with the retail goods relegated to becoming part of the decor. The menu has expanded too I believe. You can get full meals here, and they do an afternoon tea set too from 2.30pm – 6pm. I almost got the tea set, but I wasn’t sure if there would be enough food to justify $29.95 for 2, based on what was stated on the menu.

Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy - Iced Chocolate

Iced Chocolate with marshmallow flowers $6.96 + $0.50 for the ice – For those who like rich chocolate drinks, this is really good. It was a bit pricey, but for a huge glass I guess it’s reasonable. Notice the huge layer of dark chocolate at the top? Do not taste it at all costs because that has not been sweetened! If you like your drink even richer, stir that layer in! Never been a fan of marshmallows so I didn’t try the flowers.

Tea Cosy - Root Beer (3)

Rootbeer $4.95

Tea Cosy - So called Club Sandwich

Old Faithful Club Sandwich $10.95 – For the life of me I would not have thought that this would be called a club sandwich, but that’s what it says on the menu. I would say it is a very nice and simple version of a ham, egg and cheese sandwich. I love the texture of the bun. It’s so soft and has an almost melting texture in the mouth. Plus there’s this cheese spread they use which is really tasty.The ham is nothing spectacular, but the entire combination is good. They normally fry their eggs till the yolks are fully cooked, so be sure to ask for them done sunny side up if you want the yolk runny. I had this at 4pm because I was feeling peckish, and still managed a steak dinner at 8pm.

Society Cafe is also on the 5th floor. If you want someplace bright, where you can watch the world go by, go to Society Cafe. If you want an intimate setting, go for Tea Cosy. There were quite a number of young punks there with their girlfriends. (Although if you really wanted to impress your girlfriend, choosing a cafe within a mall isn’t exactly all that impressive, in my opinion)

Tea Cosy

Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #05-10 Singapore 238839

For Reservations, please call: 6341 9318

Killiney Kopitiam vs YY Kafei Dian

YY Kafei Dian’s breakfast beehoon has fallen in standards. It used to be so good, I would drive to Beach Road almost every morning just to have it. The bee hoon costs $1, and a fried sunny-side-up costs another $0.50. YY’s coffee is also damn good. I used to look forward to waking up in the mornings just to go to YY Kafeidian!

But….some months back, the cook changed or the budget for ingredients changed. The bee hoon is quite horrendous now. It tastes oilier, like as if it has been cooked and left out for a long time. Worse still, there are black flecks in it, which means that the oil used must have been reused countless times. Do you know how carcinogenic that is? The bee hoon sucks, the service sucks since day 1, the only thing left keeping us going back is the coffee.

So for a long while, I haven’t had YY Kafeidian’s bee hoon. Actually, there are numerous coffee shops lining Purvis Street that sell bee hoon and other local breakfasts. I have tried a few of these coffee shops over the years, but the stuff they sell looks unappetising and tastes just as unappetising. And since YY Kafei Dian used to serve me well, there was no reason to go back to those coffee shops.

After a long haitus, we were back at Beach Road again. I decided to hop across the road to Killiney Kopitiam to try out their version of beehoon for the 1st time. The bee hoon didn’t look too bad. It had little bits of egg in it. I ordered a plate, plus the customary fried egg, and was shocked to be billed $2.70!!!!! I’m like WHAT THE HELL??? Is that daylight robbery or what? And apparently the bee hoon costs $2.20 already! It’s such a waste, because the beehoon tasted very good. It was QQ (or al dente if you will), and tasted light and refreshing. I would have loved to have this for breakfast on a more regular basis, but no I am not going to pay $2.20 for almost plain noodles! This is breakfast, hello!

And that wasn’t the end of it. My father ordered the French Toast set, which comprises of a slice of French Toast, 2 half-boiled eggs and 1 cup of kopi. The set cost $4.10!!!!!!!! Even Yakun doesn’t charge that much. What’s going on? And the best part? The individual components themselves added up to $4.10. So what’s the logic in calling it a “set’”????

Does the main branch Killiney Kopitiam know that this is happening in their franchises?

Fried Egg Head

I’ve been rummaging through all my old pictures in order to give myself some inspiration as to what to write. So I came across these egg head pictures. Quite face-like, don’t you think? This was what they served me for breakfast when I stayed at the Conrad last year.

But I think the best made to order eggs I have ever eaten was at the MovenPick resort in Phuket. Wow, if anyone can just make that omelette for me again! The texture was just right and it was a little runny too for an omelette, which made it taste so good. But just maybe, it had something to do with the eggs. Perhaps they were fresh from the kampongs. Well I am hoping anyway.

Fried Egg face

Fried Egg face on air

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