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The Partner’s Cooking

This is a post showcasing the Partner’s cooking, my way of showing my appreciation for his hard work. In this way, maybe I can escape doing the dishes…. But seriously, I love it when he cooks because firstly, this means I get to enjoy healthy home cooked meals tailored to our tastebuds. Secondly, cooking is always cheaper than eating outside, if you know how to cook properly and don’t waste ingredients. 3rdly, I get to enjoy all these in the comfort of the house, without having to travel outside, endure crowds and inefficient service!

Grilled crumbed chicken

Grilled crumbed chicken with veges and rice. Very tasty and juicy even though it’s grilled, meaning it’s very healthy! Don’t you think the chicken looks like it’s from KFC? That’s a good thing cuz I love KFC. Now I just need him to crack the 11 herbs and spices secret.

Bruschetta Bruschetta (2)

Bruschetta. Toppings courtesy of my cooking class at ToTT. Bread courtesy of Bakerzin at myVillage! I realise, I don’t like vinegar in my bruschetta toppings.

Garlic Bread (3)Garlic Bread (2)

Garlic Bread for lunch. Yes it’s healthy as long as you put lots of garlic and don’t overload on the butter. I know you can already see distinct garlic bits on this garlic bread, but for me, I think I need double the amount. I love the zing of the garlic when it comes to garlic bread!

Click on Recipes at the top of the screen to see the good stuff that the Partner has been dishing up and stay tuned for more! BTW, he does the hot kitchen stuff (ie main course). I do the cold kitchen stuff (desserts).

Rustic Garlic Bread

Home made rustic garlic bread

Last weekend, I was horrified when I discovered a slight soreness in my throat. Usually, for me at least, a sore throat is a precursor to a full-blown flu / cough cold. Having really important meetings to attend the following week, I thought it was absolutely vital that I should banish away the sickness and stop the sore throat from growing into something bigger.

The Partner suggested having Garlic bread for lunch that day. At first, I said no, because garlic bread is “heaty” right? But then again, garlic is supposed to be really good at helping to fight off infection. Torn between wanting to actually eat tasty garlic bread which might potentially actually be beneficial, and fearing that it would accelerate the cold, I decided that we should only half toast the bread, so it would only be half as “heaty”….

Remember the lovely gift basket we got from Bakerzin? We froze the bread when we first got it, and used it for the garlic bread. It’s so simple and healthy actually. First slice the bread, then apply a liberal amount of butter onto each slice. This is for taste as well as for the garlic bits to stick on. Next, dice some garlic, as much as you can possibly tolerate. The more the merrier. Sprinkle them onto the buttered side of the bread (obviously) and chuck the whole tray into the oven. In about 5 – 10 minutes, you have a lovely and healthy snack! We sprinkled some herbs we had handy around, and it was a delicious lunch.

And yes, I managed to get through the entire week without a single sniffle, although my throat still feels somewhat sore even till today, though nothing like the full blown thing.

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