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Ginza Bairin–Where to find great Tonkatsu!

Living in the East, I was really in two minds as to whether to accept this invitation to try out a new Tonkatsu restaurant at JCube in Jurong. Mention Jurong to us Easties and it’s akin to telling us to travel to Malaysia! Well almost. So I had really high expectations of Ginza Bairin, and to cut the story short, I have to say Ginza Bairin does a mean Tonkatsu!

Ginza Bairin boasts an illustrious 85 year history. Established in 1927 by Nobukatsu Shibuya, Ginza Bairin was the very 1st Tonkatsu restaurant ever launched in Ginza Japan. And get this, it appears Ginza Bairin “invented” the Katsu Sandwich decades ago, when there was a severe shortage of rice after World War II. Today, it is helmed by Masaya Shibuya, the great grandson and 3rd generation owner of Ginza Bairin.

I didn’t know about all this before I tried the dishes and I was thinking to myself, wow this is pretty good. I mean the place looks pretty casual, maybe slightly better than a fast food outlet, yet the food was vastly different!

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Ginza Bairin’s Special Katsu Don (Pork Katsu) Awarded No. 1 Donburi in Japan - Copy

Special Katsudon (1958/Apr) – $16.50

The Special Katsudon was one of the dishes we tried. You don’t even need to eat it to tell that it is more unique than the usual Katsudon because instead of just pork and omelette, there is a sunny side up waiting for you too! Why I have not come across any other restaurant doing Katsudon this way baffles me because now I think I’m ruined for all Katsudon without sunny side ups!

Needless to say, the additional egg incorporated more flavour to the already flavourful dish. The pork was very tender and juicy, without tasting oily as Katsu don can sometimes be due the batter. The rice was also piping hot and fluffy. Is it any wonder that this dish was awarded the No1 Donburi in Japan?

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Curry Favor at Stamford House

Curry Favor is no more at Stamford House. Watch Curry Favor’s Facebook space for updates on their next location.

Meanwhile, here’s some pictures I took during the various lunches I had there. Eating there during lunch is more affordable than during dinner because they have/had this set lunch menu for about $12.90 or $13.90. You get the full main course, which at $12.90-$13.90 is already cheaper than the ala-carte price. In addition, you get a soup/salad, drink and dessert. On their last day, they served us ice-cream instead of the usual 2 slices of watermelon.

I’ve always liked the food at Curry Favor, although I found it expensive to dine there at night. According to their Facebook, Curry Favor is the 1st restaurant in Singapore specializing in Japanese Curry. Their curries are carefully created by their Japanese Chef in a process that spans more than five hours daily. I wonder if there are any other Japanese places specialising in this type of food?

Stuffed Mushrooms

Curry Favor - Fish and Chicken Fry

Chicken Katsu and Fish Fry Combo

Curry Favor - Stewed Curry

Chicken Stewed Curry – The curry from the stewed curry dishes is more flavourful than the fried items curry dishes. So you have to decide between whether you want a more flavourful curry and less meat, or more meat and a more “normal” curry. The “normal” curry is still nice nonetheless, just that the stewed curry has extra kick.

Curry Favor Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Curry Favor - Seating Area

Curry Favor at Stamford House…..goodbye!

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