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Unsung Hand Model

Good food photography maketh a good food blog, but if you can’t afford that DSLR, what else can you do to improve your photos? Why, you get a hand model of course. In this regard, I have to say I managed to snag one of the best hand models in town. 🙂 And that’s none other than the Partner himself. Here are some of the best photos from his portfolio. If you want to hire him, that can be arranged, payment made out to me.

Burghound in Asia Wine Tasting

Here’s him swirling the wine and trying to ascertain the fruitiness, smokiness, age, blah blah blah…

Landing Point - Flat White

Here’s him pouring milk into the coffee

Landing Point - Flat White (2)

Not quite done with the coffee, putting sugar cubes in now…

Regent Hotel Weekend Afternoon Tea - Cup of tea for you Madam

More pouring…this time with two hands

Carrot Cake

The hand model providing a good backdrop

Soho7 - Cappucino

Nothing like a hairy arm to provide some contrast….

Well, whaddya think? Do we have a deal?

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