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Catch Doraemon at Monster Curry

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Monster Curry, the Japanese curry specialist restaurant will be offering an exclusive new menu and range of merchandise featuring the popular and recognisable manga/anime icon Doraemon. Doraemon of course needs little introduction, most of us having grown up watching the Doraemon cartoons. I remember a time where we would even watch Doraemon on the Malay channel, just because that was the only Doraemon programme on TV at the time.

Monster Curry prides itself on offering house-made Japanese curry comprising a proprietary blend of 14 vegetables and spices. You can find Monster Curry in many places such as Nex, Vivocity, Novena Square, 100AM and Tampines One. The special thing about Monster Curry is that you can choose your preferred spice level of the curry, ranging from 1 – 5.

So how to get your hands on the Doraemon merchandise? Simply order one of the following

  • Hokkaido Organic Potato Wedges ($11.80) – It comes with a Doraemon container with straps
  • Blue Calpis Soda or Okinawa Shiquasa Soda $5.80 – Comes with Doraemon coaster

Or purchase T-shirts and soft toys at nett prices. Sale of merchandise is only available for dine-in customers.

Monster Curry - Special Combo Curry $28.80

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