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Best Food Blog Finalist Interview

**Interview Questions from the Singapore Blog Awards

How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?


Food blogging can be quite a lonely affair. After all the eating is done, one goes back home to type up the blog post alone. Most people don’t leave a comment so I don’t know if what I have written appeals to anyone. I can only guess that people find my blog interesting, as my blog stats has been increasing. So, being selected as one of the Food Category finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards is an indication that I have been doing something right! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers out there for taking the time to read my blog.

When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

I only started blogging about food 2 years ago. My father bought me a DSLR as a present and I found that the camera helped me to take nice photos of food. I’ve always loved writing so I thought why not share my thoughts on the food as well as the photos online.

Inspiration is easy to come by especially with Facebook and Twitter! My friends know I am a food blogger so they often feed me with suggestions on new places to try. Also, I love exploring the nooks and crannies of Singapore so I often chance upon hidden finds, which I have to make a mental note to return to try.

How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?

SCARY! I think the competition is stiff! I know a few of the finalists personally too and I know them to be very passionate and dedicated bloggers as well! But I think, with your help, I can make it to pole position! Just click here and vote for 365days2play! You know you want to!

Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?

Every food blogger has his or her own style. If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and viewing the food pictures, then it’s enough reason to vote for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Please vote for me using the following steps

image You must register first, then click on the VOTE FOR ME button. Refresh if necessary.


image The VOTED word must appear before it’s successful! If VOTED doesn’t appear, it means it FAILED. Refresh and click VOTE FOR ME.


Best Food Blog Finalist!!!

Dear readers of 365days2play Food and Travel Blog, I have great news to share! Yours truly managed to get selected as Singapore Blog Awards 2012 Best Food Blog Finalist!! The awards is organized by OMY of Singapore Press Holdings. That means I’m one of Singapore’s Top 10 Food Bloggers!!!! WAAAAA HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I actually have no idea what prizes are up for grabs, but it’s not so much about the prizes that’s important, it’s about knowing that my blog is being appreciated by the general public! There’s no doubt that I love writing and sharing about all the good eats I’ve encountered, but it still feels good to know that people out there actually like reading about what I write!


So if you’ve enjoyed reading my blog, please vote for me 365days2play at  the Singapore Blog Awards and help 365days2play become Singapore’s Top Food Blog!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

VOTE NOW! One vote allowed per day!!

Festive Gourmet Food Trail with Ah Lun

*Media Invite*

I was delighted to received this email inviting me to attend the Festive Gourmet Food Trail with Ah Lun, organized by Wan Bao and Ah Lun is a veteran journalist, but it seems his skills aren’t just limited to writing, he is a very funny host too. Ah Lun would be bringing a group of foodies to sample Christmas and Chinese New Year festive cuisines at 8 famous restaurants. At each restaurant, one would get to sample several dishes.

And the most important sentence of in the email…”Please come with a really empty stomach!” To be frank, while I was delighted, I was also apprehensive, after the really belly bursting 8 restaurant Gastromania Feast at Far East Square! Still, it was an opportunity not to be missed. This time round, only 2 restaurants. I can handle it….

4 session to choose from so I picked the 3rd:-

5 Nov (Sat) – 1230pm to 530pm, Crystal Jade Palace and Swissotel Merchant Court
12 Nov (Sat) – 12pm to 530pm, Shin Yeh Restaurant and Sze Chuan Court @ Fairmont Hotel
19 Nov (Sat) – 12pm to 530pm, Thai Village Restaurant and Rendezvous Hotel
26 Nov (Sat) – 12pm to 530pm, Tien Court @ Copthorne King’s Hotel and Mandarin Hotel

It costs $108/pax, but despite the amount, the event was almost full house! 8 tables worth of people for my session but I am told that the 26 November session, which is already sold-out, has more than 150 sign-ups!

The whole event was very enjoyable. Ah Lun and his sidekick Xiao Peng had the room cracking up with their numerous jokes and games. Since I was sitting at the VIP table, I didn’t have to worry about being hauled up to stage and I could enjoy my food while being entertained. I think I quite like the idea of dining on select dishes and then being ferried to the next restaurant to try out more dishes. Felt as if I was on a tour. In fact, a bus was also chartered just to bring us from the Thai Village Restaurant at Leisure Park (Kallang) to Rendezvous Hotel. They should throw in a short tour of Singapore too! (Ok I’m still in the holiday mood, haven’t recovered from my Norway holiday yet!)

For more information on the event, click here to access the SPH site (only if you can read Mandarin. Otherwise, check out these 2 links for my pictures and a write-up each on Thai Village Restaurant and Rendezvous Hotel.

Festive Gourmet Food Trail – Thai Village Restaurant

Festive Gourmet Food Trail – Rendezvous Hotel

Rendezvous Hotel - (28) Rendezvous Hotel - (9) 

Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Yesterday I attended the Singapore Blog Awards 2011 held at Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay. I hadn’t expected the place to be so packed, but packed it sure was. I was just glad to be able to snag one of the last few bar seats available. Quite a number of enthusiastic bloggers also dressed up as historical characters in line with the theme of the event.

365days2play at Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Here’s me dressed up as…ummm… myself.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (5)

See, packed! There was tons of food provided, like Domino’s pizza and other light bites. Also free flow of soft drinks and Tiger Beer Crystal. I’ve never been to Shanghai Dolly at night before. Wonder what that’s like.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (4)

Shimona Kee entertaining us with songs before the event started. Click here for Shimona’s website or find her on twitter @simplyshimona.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (11)

A skit being performed to tell us the meaning behind “History gets Social”…

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (9)

Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and also the youngest member of the Cabinet at only 42 was the guest of honour for the day. Not too sure what other events he gets invited to, but the Singapore Blog Awards must surely be one of the most unique ones he has attended! I hope he maintains his interest in reading all our blogs well beyond this event!

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (14)

Here’s a closer look at the Singapore Blog Award 2011 winners. For the complete list of winners, do go to the Singapore Blog Awards website.

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 (15)

Thanks once again to Omy for the invite!

Shanghai Dolly

Clark Quay – The Foundry

3B River Valley Road #01-01

Singapore 179021

Didn’t realise that Shanghai Dolly also has a Chinese restaurant. You can check out the Dolly Restaurant menu here.

Movie Preview – Animals United 3D!

*Movie Invite*

Was privileged to be invited by OMY to the preview of Animals United 3D on Monday. I am on a roll, haven’t watched a movie in nearly one year, and suddenly I’ve just watched 2 movies in the span of 4 days!

Was quite excited about the invite because the movie was screened at the new and improved Shaw Theatres – Lido. Lido Theatres went through a seven-month and S$20 million “re-imagining” and now boasts a total of 11 halls including one featuring Singapore’s first and only IMAX’s Digital Theatre System! Lido looks so different from what it was. It looks classier now and there is a nice seating area for you to admire the view of Orchard Road as well as watch trailers and wait for friends. The McDonalds or was it KFC is gone, and so are most of the other eateries. What’s left seems to be the pop corn stall. The ticketing area has also moved to the left side when you emerge from the escalators. Where the ticketing area once stood is now quite empty. I really hope they do something with that space.

Another thing that got me excited was the fact that the movie was in 3 DIMENSION! This will be a first for me. While I’ve been to the IMAX at the Science Centre and Universal Studios, I’ve never really enjoyed those experiences. Kinda felt nauseated. I am so glad to report that the quality of the Animals United 3D is really beyond my expectations. The resolution is fantastic and it’s practically like watching a normal movie, just that the characters pop up and are more realistic.


Movie Plot wise, I shall not reveal too much. It is based on a 60 year old German children’s classic, The Animal’s Conference and it took 3 years for the movie to be made since it is in 3D. Suffice to say that it is about a group of animals that live on the Okavango Delta in Botswana, one of the last untouched natural paradises on earth. They go about trying to save their homeland from the evil clutches of materialistic humans, and of course, they ultimately succeed. It’s a storyline that’s not hard to follow, and interestingly, we want the animals to win, even though we’re the evil humans ourselves! Good movie to bring the kids, so that they will learn about the importance of conservation and the perils of pillaging Mother Earth like what we’re doing now. While the storyline is predictable, the 3D effects, the cute meercat and the vegetarian lion do make up for it!



*Special thanks to OMY and Shaw Theatres for the movie invite!*

Animals United 3D

Run Time : 93 Minutes


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